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Get a business phone number easily with the OpenPhone application

If you have ever opened a personal line for your business to run or ask for business, openPhone key, Y Combinator participant, and startup that you can find out how difficult your personal phone can switch off from business issues, so that your business is connected in, Wants to sort out an application that simulates a business line.

OpenPhone Small Business Owners Instead of downloading the big company targets and offering users an easy way to distinguish their business calls from private, users can use a business phone number, or if an existing one can use. Then they will get texts and calls through VoIP, running them through the internet connection of your device. It allows for an unlimited amount of texts and calls, without setting up an expensive new plan.

As business calls and texts come through OpenPhone applications, it makes it easy to see when it relates to a call business. OpenPhone’s goal is to give small business owners the ability to stop their business life, and the OpenPhone’s app comes with various features that can help to happen. Do not be busy, voicemail and business hours are currently available in OpenPhone plan to add more features, such as the ability to share business numbers with your team.

“My co-founder and I grew up in both families where our income was dependent on the business that all parents were running. Later, I joined a software company building for home renovation contractors,” co-founder and chief executive officer Mahyar Raissi Said to TechCrunch.

“There I noticed two important things: First of all, most of our users use their phone numbers for personal business and they dislike it, they need to give their numbers online or give it to strangers, while spending time with their families while they gradually Calling them or they were busy working. Secondly, those who communicated more professionally and more They were reactionary and used to earn more money.

The app costs $ 10 a month for a business line and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Although it is based on Internet service, the functionality of the openphone is only available in the US and Canada, although you can still use it to call numbers in the US and Canada if you take initiative abroad. If you are looking for more great apps that can be beneficial for your business, check out our list of the best iPhone apps and see the best Android apps currently available.


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