Geert Wilders puts the political Elite ground on notice

Elite genes can be returned to the bottle when people are increasing?
Geret Wilds lectured at Tommy Robinson’s huge rally last Saturday. 20,000 people came to demand the release of Tommy, and Wilders. They gave the opportunity to the political and aristocrats of Britain and continental Europe to notice.
“Our government,” Wilds declares, “has sold us through public immigration. With open border with Islamicization, we are almost foreign to our own land.” And if we complain about it, they call us racist and Islamophobe. And no! And what are you saying? And no! And that’s right: enough, we will not be gagged anymore, there is no panic. “
It was remarkable that the British authorities approved the floodwaters across the country. He was banned from entering the country a few years ago. But even after the ban was lifted, the British government recently banned Martina Selaner, Brittany Pettyton, Lauren South and Lotz Buckman. To ban Jihad against terrorism and Shariah repression, and thus make it clear. It is more determined to maintain independence and freedom of speech Uka. At least when it comes to criticism of Islam, the Muslim gang rape, and mass Muslim immigration
Tommy Robinson is in prison today because he violates a court order claiming that he does not film videos outside of the Muslim Rape gang. Clearly, the Government’s intention was to ensure that as few people are possible. The authenticity of rape cases, reflections of rape groups over the years and refusal of a trial of offenders
Even worse, the bannings of Sellner, Pettibone, South, and Bachmann were just part of a long pattern. Pamela Geller and I had forbidden entry to the UK in 2013, apparently for the life, for the truth about Islam and jihad. Meanwhile, there is a growing long record of accepting jihad preachers without a split moment in Britain. Syed Muzaffer Shah Qadri was so strict in promoting hatred and jihad violence. He was banned for the sake of preaching, but he was welcomed in Britain at the UK home office.
In the UK home office, Sheikh Hamza Sobhar entered the country. In which he said was “Punishment for five reasons, if gay men are one – one of the easiest – their chips off, that is the easiest .. Second – Burning their death” Third – from a cliff em ‘fourth – the tissue down a wall on them so that they die under. Fifth – A combination above. “
Theresa May’s continuing tolerant government has also acknowledged two jihad preachers. Who praised the killer of an enemy of blasphemy law in Pakistan. One of them was welcomed by Archbishop of Canterbury. Meanwhile, three bishops have been banned in different parts of Iraq and Syria in the United Kingdom. where Christians have entered the country.
But now things are coming to a head. Clearly, the British authorities have decided that Wilders will again be very politically expensive for them again. And so he entered, and spoke, and gave them a powerful dose of truth that they ignored and decided to deny.
Tommy Robinson is in prison today because he violates a court order claiming that he does not film videos outside of the Muslim Rape gang. Clearly, the government’s intent was to ensure that as few as possible. The truth about the year-round cover-up of rape groups is found and refrain from using the criminals. Theresa May and Company obviously hope that in other Britishers dedicated to thousands of British boys in statues of “diversity”. And “multiculturalism”, Tommy what happened, and scared of silence.
The British government has kept Tommy Robinson in jail, willing to force the people to express their views that it seems unacceptable. That Britain died as a free society and there was a theoretical police state that started until the totalitarianism slide is now closed. The British public’s statistics, which were facing the criticism against Tommy Robinson in the past. It should be called today to release him. Otherwise, they will present themselves as a support for Britain’s collapse in a police state.
Wilds persisted on this effort, saying: “We will not be silent. We do not fear, and we tell the government, we do not fear you, we will never surrender. We will stand firm and perform our duties. We will protect and we will protect our people. “
Wilders added: “And I tell you, to the government, you can throw us in jail. But you will not defeat us because, my friend, thousands of people will be born to Tomami who you are imprisoned. So take notice, Takeresa May Take notice, Dutch PM take root notice, Mrs. Merkel or President Macron notice: Future of us and not yo