Game Review: Dark Souls: Remastered as per the perfection as you can get


After the massive work of software, game journalists became a boring practice to describe any sport. which was harder than your average call-of-duty "Dark Souls [Inserting Style]".

Very rarely was a proper description. Fans of the series will be quick to point out that Dark Soul is not hard (but depending on what you mean by "solid"). And it's much more than anything that is unique and especially when you die often.

No, because of the lack of hand-holding of dark spirits, incredibly conversational, creative map design, the lowest voices, horror, unforgettable atmosphere ... and more.

Now, thanks to the release of the first ever hand. The release of the Dark Souls Rimastard - well, the Dark Souls of the remasters, I guess.

PC gamers have some grumbles from those who do not offer to remaster something. The player made mode is not already possible. when it has become a matter of graphical issue. Those who complain about DS: R there are some unnecessary cash-grade, my humble opinion, lost the point.

PC gamers who want to belt under the apes of their games can get rid of 2011's look much prettier than it is. This remasters should welcome by everyone else. Especially the console gamers PlayStation 4 owners have no way of playing the original. It only In April 2013, Xbox One joined the list of consistent games read.

Technical upgrades of DS: No more practical behavior. The original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions replace Rock-Solar 60fps. On three current platforms (and rarely available) with 30 frames per second.

This is a game where divided seconds can mean the difference between life and death. So the increased frame rate not only makes everything smooth but also has a positive effect on gameplay.

A resolution of PS4 and Xbox One has increased from 720p to 1080p, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro upscaled 4K and local PC 4K.

The goal here was to provide a gameplay experience as much as possible. So among the other changes, most of the small, quality standard improvements. Such as the use of dedicated servers for online games rather than peer-to-peer. The ability to configure networking, HD scaling, and buttons.

Criticizing the decision to change the location of enemies and items. Without making some critical changes or dramas it would be a mistake. Dark Souls can be as close to the amount of effort as you can. Once-a-one-generation release that is all Generating one of the most devoted fandoms in gaming and huge effects on the industry.

DS: R and this well-known experience easily acquire the experience of modern hardware. And it only verifies its existence properly.

As I made my way through the game Undead Burg, I came back after playing one of the other games in the coming spirit series. - Especially understanding how to experience it again. Even other games of Dark Soul are not Dark Souls, but they are fantastic in different ways. There is something that is absolutely unique and special.

Yes, it is difficult, especially when compared to most mainstream blockbusters. But contact it as its purpose - acknowledge that you often die. And there is no mistake with it - and you realize that your concentrated habits form a large part of this problem.

More about Dark Souls can call, and most of it has already been in the last seven years.

But you need to know that its surrounding hypothesis exists for a very good reason, which once became clear after you play. If you still do not have the opportunity to do this, this is the perfect opportunity.

Those who have already enjoyed terrorism and enjoyment by series creator Hijacker Miyazaki. You need to work here again as your excuse, you do not need them.