What to look for while choosing a Freight Forwarder?

Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders play an important role in the logistics industry.  If you are looking for international shipping you need a freight forwarder for smooth delivery. Freight forwarders handle cleaning process, goods storage, documentation to relieve your stress and make the process of cargo shipment smooth.

For that, your business needs the best freight forwarder to export and import your goods. The wrong choice can put you in trouble and a big loss of money. Therefore, we invented a platform that is going to help you to find the right freight forwarder from all over the world.

Ruzave – Maritime directory is the place where thousands of experienced and trusted freight forwarders help you right away.  Ruzave freight forwarders directory incentive for meetup from one business to another.  You can find your commodity partner at Ruzave and build connections from worldwide.

Let’s have a look at what things you have to consider while choosing the freight forwarder for your business.

  1. Does the freight forwarder meet your business needs?

Very first thing to do is keep in mind your business needs while choosing a freight forwarder. your needs include whether it is transportation mode , volume of cargo or shipment, storing shipment at warehouses etc, make sure freight forwarder can provide 3PL service.

  1. Does the freight forwarder have the right experience?

Once you identify your logistic provider , then make sure that your freight forwarder can experience transportation of your goods type.make sure that the chosen freight forwarder does import or export goods where you intend to deliver cargo.

  1. Do you like freight forwarders customer reviews and services?

Customer experience can tell us how their service is and how effectively they provide and transport goods. as much as responsive and knowledgeable freight forwarders will be, its proof of committing their services.

  1. Does a freight forwarder customize its capabilities to meet your needs?

Make sure freight forwarders are able to customize and expand their capabilities to fulfil your requirement if need any point. Good freight forwarder is able to meet your business needs.

  1. Does a freight forwarder company have strong financial status?

Financially stable freight forwarders are more likely to handle any mess if it occurs at anypoint. Strong infrastructure , new technology resources can ensure that we are in good hands with exporting or importing goods.

  1. Do they offer a range of services?

You might not be able to handle all the importing to exporting processes on your own. door to door delivery, warehousing , online booking, tracking system all you expect while transporting goods. Ensure that your freight forwarder can help you in a wide range of services to make your delivery smooth.

  1. How extensive a network do they have ?

Before going further make sure they have wide range contact and location business relationship with different countries to receive and handle end stage transportation. As much extensive freight forwarder network have, your cargo transportation will be more effecient  deliver.

  1. Do they offer cargo insurance?

If you have found a freight forwarder compatible with your needs. Now time to see if they provide cargo  insurance. Cargo insurance is necessary to claim  the reduction of risk for loss or damaged goods. Insurance will give you peace of mind to protect and securely transport your cargo.

  1. Does the freight forwarder hold any accreditation?

Accreditation of any association indicates that freight forwarders operate in an ethical manner and applicable legal requirements.

An association like FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), BIFA (British International Freight Association), or IATA (The International Air Transport Association) recognized acceleration issues by customs holders deemed to offer efficient supply chain security.

  1. What technology is available?

Your supply chain must need real-time visibility 24/7. While transporting goods from one to another destination is associated with many tasks like arrival dates of shipment, date of delivery from warehouse and delivered to client destination, all need to monitor the required online tracking system to provide you accurate data of the goods supply chain.

So,make sure your freight forwarder is updated with new technology and able to provide you with a tracking system to monitor your cargo.

Above mentions tips you can consider while thinking to choose a freight forwarder for your supply chain business. Choosing a wise freight  forwarder can help your business to thrive.

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