Follow these tips to avoid foot problems in the rainy season

With the escape from the warm and humid weather, rainy days can invite many foot problems. To keep feet in the top shape, one should practice practicing proper foot care. Dr. The entire Goel, Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon Director. Cuties Leather Studios, Mumbai, showed some preventive measures.
Increase blood circulation: When you sit or sleep, stretching, walking, picking foot massage or taking a warm bath. Then it can do by placing it on your feet. Avoid cold temperature exposure.
Wear the perfect fitness shoes: can prevent many foot disorders. Measure your feet before purchasing a correct fit as you grow larger as you change the size of your choice. Read: 7 expert tips to take care of your feet in your home!
Animal Sandal Footwear: Gumboots, generally made from rubber or PVC. All are good for the rainy season, water and mud and infections.
Let your feet breathe: Whenever open hats then you can wear footwear. Put a pair in the office so that you can change when you get wet in the rain. This is important because air exposure is essential for the growth of the microbe.
The sun is important: one of the effective medicines for killing sun bacteria and avoiding the possibility of the foot infection. Due to drying your footwear under the sun, bacteria can increase. Read 6-foot care tips to follow every diabetic
Practice good foot care: Check your feet with a podiatrist. Your family doctor, an orthopedic surgeon or a dermatologist. Ensure that you follow a proper foot care regime and Ali says, by foot problems, by foot problems.