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Car AC
Car AC

How does a Car AC work?

Switching on the air conditioner is the first thing you will do after getting into your car after a long tiring day. Don’t you? The moment a cool breeze touches your face, the entire tiredness and exhaustion vanish within a second and make you feel refreshed once again. Needless to say, we all rely on air conditioners during summers as it saves us from the exotic heat and keeps us comfortable all day. Have you ever wondered how this tiny window fixed in your car dashboard works and why we should consider the best mechanics in Adelaide for its service or repair?

A car air conditioner is a complex group of machinery in which many parts are interconnected and have a role to play. The refrigerant system in the car air conditioner converts gas into a liquid and then converts it into a gas again and again. Post completion of this cycle, it gets converted into a cold gaseous state in the evaporator that at the end gets blown out in the cabin.

What are the components of a Car AC system?

The components used in car AC are-

  1. Compressor

The compressor is referred to as the heart and central component of the AC system.  It provides pressure to the refrigerant to convert the vapor into the liquid refrigerant and provides a refrigerant flow through the condenser.

2. Condenser

It appears like a small radiator and is utilized for lowering the temperature of high-temperature liquid refrigerant by the radiator fan.

  1. Expansion valve

Expansion Valve is used in car air conditioning systems for expanding the high pressure, low-temperature liquid by the condenser to release the pressure before sending it to the evaporator.

  1. Evaporator

It appears like a heat exchanger and is situated behind an AC vent over a dashboard of a car.  It takes heat and converts the liquid refrigerant into vapor to provide cooling in the cabin.

  1. Receiver-Dryer

It is used between evaporator and compressor for converting the liquid into vapors before sending it to the compressor for further compression.

Why does my auto A/C SUDDENLY blow hot air?

There are mainly four reasons responsible for blowing hot air.

  1. REFRIGERANT LEAK – Refrigerant leakage happens when the reservoir is depleted due to which, the air conditioner loses its cooling power and blows hot air.
  2. FAULTY CONDENSER – Since the condenser is out, it is subject to getting blocked by trees and shrubs that block the air. Due to less airflow, the air conditioner starts blowing hot air.
  3. BROKEN COMPRESSOR – The compressor is responsible for compressing the Freon that cools the cooling coils.  When the compressor gets broken, the cooling coils will get warm and cause blowing hot air.
  4. PROBLEMS WITH THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM – Electrical system issues cause blown fuse, causing hot air blowing from the air conditioner.

Why should you service your car AC from an expert car mechanic?

Regular maintenance of any electronic equipment is necessary for keeping the performance optimized for years to come.  There are many reasons which strongly support the need for regular car air conditioning service by expert mechanics.

 Let’s get deeper into this:

  1. Cleaner Air – We all want to have fresh and clean air inside our car cabin. During a car, ac service mechanics will first remove all the dirt and dust collected in the air filters. It ensures that you enjoy the cool and fresh air anytime you step out in your car.
  2. Extended Lifespan

When your car air conditioner goes for servicing, the qualified mechanics will diagnose all the parts and ensure they are in prominent working condition. The assessment of all the parts regularly adds to the life of your car’s air conditioner.

  1. Saving Money in the long run 

It is always better to trace out any issue in your car AC at the earliest with the help of car air conditioning repair providers before it gets complicated and results in expensive repairs. Regular repairs and services are cost-saving in the long run as it saves the car owner from any car issue which can get more problematic in the coming future.

  1. Eliminating the risk of major breakdowns

As a car AC system is tiny and interconnected, fault in one part can adversely affect the other and enhance further major breakdowns.  Through Car AC service, every part gets diagnosed separately, eliminating the risk of major breakdowns.

  1. Ensures greater comfort

Comfort and relaxation are the two aspects that get fulfilled with car ac service. Regular Car AC service ensures consistent AC performance, contributing to greater comfort for all the people inside the car cabin.


Car air conditioning service is essential for maintaining the performance of car ac and provides a great level of comfort. Just like the other electrical equipment, car ac is too complex a system and requires care from expert mechanics in Adelaide who can perform every task and increase the life of your car air conditioner. The mechanics from the car service Adelaide workshop will diagnose all sets of equipment with specialized tools and provide customized solutions as per the requirement of cars.

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