Fitbit CFO Bill Zerella goes after 4 years to join the beginning of Autonomous Vehicle


Fitbit has announced that the chief financial officer (CFO) Bill Zerella Charles is leaving the company four years after the top four.

Sheryl has been transferred to Ronald W. Kissing, who has been appointed as the Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer of the company since September 2014. Before starting in Fisket, Kisingong kept the CFO in other-other organizations.

After working as a CFO for various organizations over the last two decades, Jerhela joined the FATEBET one year before appearing before the public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). However, in the 2015 market, the company's share of Fitbit has largely reduced free of charge. From its $ 20 IPO price, the fightback has reached more than $ 40 billion, before it sank in less than $ 6, where it was more than last year.

Fitbit ultimately leads the revenue expectations of Wall Street in Q1 2018, but with the smartwatches up as the Greater Fitness Tracking Market Fall, its sales were down year-on-year. Against that backdrop, Fitbit recently announced its second smartwatch and the first wearable for kids, as it strives to obstruct its brand's capital into the larger vertical. Earlier this week, Fitbit announced that it had shipped more than a million smartwatches. They went on sale in mid-April April, Versa is a date of its biggest product.

According to the headline where Gerlow is currently heading, he is going to fix his CFO at the beginning of the autonomous car, although the company's name has not been released. Fitbit will be on June 15, 2018, on Zimbabwe's last day.

"For the last four years, Bill's early-stage companies are encouraged to start promoting Fitbit's key enablers from leading global brands starting today," said Fitbit Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer James Park, "We thanked her for her remarkable contributions. , Including our successful IPO in 2015, our global expansion guidelines and our future Aphalyera with the foundation. "