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Fireboy and Watergirl Game

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About game Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and watergirl are known as popular game series, released in 2006. Right from its inception, the adventures of the two characters have attracted thousands of teenagers around the world. Some schools even had to block this game because too many students were playing the game during class. The simple plot begins when two best friends fireboy and watergirl leave home to go on a mysterious adventure in search of treasure. There are many challenges on the long exciting journey. The first door, our friends have to step into the forest of fire.

Developer and Publisher: Olso Albet

PlatformsAndroid, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Fireboy is the son of fire, so he can easily overcome the heat of the fire. Watergirl is supported by water God. Then, she can’t step through water without fear. Notice: Fireboy can’t touch water, Watergirl can’t touch fire. They all must be careful with lava. Pay attention to overcome obstacles and collect diamonds, then go through the last door. There are many levels waiting for you ahead.

How many parts are there in the fireboy and watergirl series?

Fireboy and watergirl in the forest temple

In the first series, fireboy and watergirl bravely find their way to treasure in the mysterious temple forest. Here they face many challenges and fears that both need to overcome in order to go together to open mysterious doors and reach the finish line. The faster you are, the more time you save and more points.

Fireboy and watergirl in the light temple

In this version, they need to think using light and reflection to get through the door. Let’s work together. There are more than 40 levels with different difficulty levels waiting for fireboy and watergirl.

Fireboy and watergirl in the ice temple

In an ice temple, fireboy can move faster on ice, and watergirl’s speed may be limited, but she can climb on ice and fireboy can’t. Notice the limitations and strengths of both and work together to help each other open new doors. 36 tables with lots of rewards await. Pick up enough items, passing the allotted time is the goal.

Fireboy and Watergirl in the Crystal temple

The fourth part of the famous series Fireboy and Watergirl adds more surprise with teleportation crystals. Have a fun time with them, and explore this fascinating journey. They can magically teleport from side to side. Note that there are many pitfalls ahead. Always remember that fireboys cannot touch the water and watergirls are not fire-resistant. The key point is to combine to collect rewards along the way and unlock new tables.

Fireboy and Watergirl Elements

Version 5 is a combination of multiple choices. If they choose the red symbol, they may face the fire. Blue is the item for water. Green shows lava difficulty. Yin and Yang’s symbol shows special things. Explore great things behind each gate.

Fireboy and Watergirl Fairy Tales

Magic can turn every dream coming true. Version 6 has upgraded with many magical things. Use the power of miracles and help fellows. The power of magical light helps open the doors. Sometimes you have to pay attention to put the right color of magic light in its right place. Feeling like being lost in wonderland, the butterfly-shaped map of version 6 has an irresistible attraction for all players.


Action game, adventure game.

How to play

A,W, D: move Fireboy

Arrow keys: move Watergirl

Overcome obstacles, collect gems and come to the door to enter the next level.

Tips for player

With a 2-player game, players must have a spirit of solidarity and coordination to help each other when on missions. For example, fireboy runs forward to hold the door to help watergirl, or pushes blocks to climb to.

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