Financial Anarchy in the country led by Narendra Modi: Shiv Sena


Asked about the measures taken against bank lenders, the Center has asked Sena

Mumbai: In another attack by BJP's NDA BJP ally, the Shiv Sena of Maharashtra, Shahbag said Saturday that under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country is under "financial anarchy".

Under the four-year rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government, hundreds of thousands of bank frauds have been discussed.

The party has asked from the center what measures were taken against those who are fighting "looting" banks.

"The economy of Bangladesh has been destroyed by the Modi government, and wanted to show Modi that he (his predecessor) Manmohan Singh was the real economist, went to Rupee Rupee against the US dollar." In a blaze editorial of his team's 'Samana' spokesman

"However, the national currency has been submerged at its lowest level," it says.

The group led by the Vodhav Thackeray said that banks and financial institutions are involved in an incompatible process and those "looting" banks flee the country under Modi's hell.

Attacking Modi during the regime, Shiv Sena asked, "What are the promises that do not tolerate corruption and those who go missing in prison?"

During the Modi regime, many officials of the bank have been arrested in connection with cheating fraud mentioned in the recent criminal case registered against Pune-Developer DS Kulkarni.

ICICI Bank CEO Chandan Kokhar and businessmen Nirav Modi, Mehul Shankar and Bijay Mollah have also been accused of misunderstanding, said the army editorial.

"Large industrialists have repaid around 1.25 lakh crores of debt, of which there are big names and nationalized banks. How many chairmen of the bank has gone to prison for lending to the lenders? What are the steps taken by Finance Minister Piyosh Goyal against the looters of the banks?"

Panic was created in the country due to the reinvention of the country and the adverse reaction to the economy was created, the editorial said, "The country is running financial irregularities (note-sanctions) and it is only increasing."

"The unacceptable sector and unemployment have caused huge damage due to monetization and the claim that the demand for the end of Kashmir's terrorism is also open."

The party claims that except a reservation, a police case is registered against the Governor on Sunday, thereby canceling the high-value notes.