Final Season 4 Episode 1 review

The FA gets a new look for his new season, but the same fraud and hamper continue to fuel this emotional play.
"It's every gray day at night."
In many ways, it is ultimately interested in digging in the immense field of human memory, and how can events happen when suddenly the events occur? On the first day of the series, this 'Mandal Effect' was often an integral part of storytelling. Often striking or minor differences presented in two episodes of events. This device, unfortunately, has gone as low as the show. But it has still approved the bifurcated structure of the series. This sensation will not be interested in how the emotion can penetrate the memory. In this sense, it is very easy to reach two different impressions of this episode based on your history with this event. This premiere certainly could offer a proposal last season, but it still fits in the first two years.