FIFA Vladimir Putin says Russia is “in love” with Russia


Speaking in an interview with former world football player Gianni Infantino Vladimir Putin and former Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel.

FIFA president Gianni Infinito called on President Vladimir Putin on Friday to "love" the World Cup 2018 host Russia and praised for overcoming the negative assumptions about the country. Infantino, along with former England defender Rio Ferdinand and former Danish goalkeeper Peter Shamichael, met former world football star Putin.

At the Kremlin television meeting "We all have been in love with Russia" "Anyone who has come for the time now, has now discovered a country that we do not know."

In spite of the high tension with the West, Putin presided over a well-organized, well-humored tournament. The human rights organization has warned that he is using the world's largest sporting event to focus on his authoritarian regime. Human Rights Watch says that the tournament is being held in "Russia's worst human rights crisis since the Soviet era".

But FIFA World Cup 2018 has created an extraordinary carnival environment in a traditional conservative Russia - not less because of the unexpected success of the home team.

"Russia has become a true football country. Each of the football virous has entered into the body of a Russian citizen," said Infantino.

Thousands are traveling overseas, according to many, they have given their permission to discover a different, soft part of Russia.

"Many frauds against Russia simply cause collapse," Putin told his guests, who also included Lothar Matthas of Germany and Marco van Basten of the Netherlands.

"People have seen that Russia is a very welcoming country which is friendly for the audience." Infantino praised the government of Putin for busting negative anti-Russian stereotypes.

"Some fear that some people want to trust us in the World Cup is not only true, but it is actually the opposite."

Infantino was elected the President of the Governing Body of World Football in 2012. His predecessor Sepp Blatter resigned after the corruption scandal.