Faux Leather vs Real Leather | 5 Main Differences

Faux Leather vs Real Leather
Faux Leather vs Real Leather

There is no denying the fact that the world is full of scammers, you cannot be sure about the way the people are dealing with the rights and wrongs. When we talk about leather, we all know how expensive real leather is and not everybody can really afford it, right? Therefore, people come up with fake and scam products to sell them in the market. With a slight reduction in the price, the sellers try to fool the customers claiming the leather to be the real one. However, the real OGs know the difference between the actual leather and the faux one. If you are looking for some original leather jackets, there is no place better than the Real Leather Garments.

People often wonder about the real leather jackets and the fake ones, trust me there are pros and cons to every and entirely depends on the personal preference of the person. Sourcing seating material results in a lot of deliberation that ensures that you are getting the right thing for your project. 

Here are a few things that you need to know to ensure the jacket that you have got is the real one, just by the way, sourcing a faux leather jacket is not a bad option too.

1. See the difference

The main difference between the real and the faux leather is that the real one is actually pretty unique; none of the hides will be the same in the real leather. If you see the cattle leather, you would notice its original hallmarks including the veins’ stretch marks and scars, which eventually results in adding to the jacket’s beauty. Similarly, genuine leather includes marks and pores that means they are pretty different from all the other kinds of leather and have some kind of a different look.

On the other hand, when we talk about faux leather, we can see how uniform it is and is designed to give off more of a natural look since its pores are quite synthetically created.

2. Long-Lasting

One of the many advantages of real leather is its long-lasting-ness, when you upkeep the real leather it lasts for years, like literally, it can outrun you too, not a good thing to say. But it is what it is. The genuine leather grows with a furniture piece and its natural and actual product nature shows that wearing it only improves the overall look of the leather. 

One of the reasons why faux leather is so preferred and loved is its pricing. Due to its mass production, faux leather is comparatively cheaper than real ones. Considering the current economic and financial condition of most people, faux leather is something that everybody can afford today. The real ones are for one particular niche only.

3. Different Features

We all can agree that people love doing real stuff, if there weren’t any financial constraints, we would definitely prefer wearing the real ones, right? That is mainly because of its distinguished and attractive features. It gives off this luxurious and relaxing feel that people prefer spending more money on it rather than wear a not-so-luxurious jacket made of faux leather even if it is cheaper. However, when we talk about faux leather, they can also be as good as the real ones. It entirely depends on one’s personal choice, how do you like your jacket to be?

Some people are more comfortable in their not-so-royal look? So why would they spend a fortune on real leather when they can get almost the same things in faux leather? 

4. Take a whiff

Every cloth has a distinguished smell that can help you differentiate between them. You may feel awkward while sniffing the cloth or a leather bag in the middle of the shop that you gotta do what you gotta do, right? The smell of the leather is one of the biggest indicators of genuine leather, they have this different smell that just tells the person it is the real one. 

This smell cannot be absolutely replicated or copied by the fake leather to give it more of a real look. That’s just something that only real ones have.

5. Label check

All genuine leather products manufacturers include labels that show that the product is real and genuine. When the product is real they want to show it off therefore they would definitely label it everywhere. Manufacturers are always interested in showing their products are real and genuine therefore it would be pretty easy to spot them.

In case there is not any label available on the jacket, or it says “man-made” then it’s pretty obvious the jacket is not really genuine. If you think relying only on the label is pretty risky for something that you would be spending a lot of money on, then take help from the rest of the tips and you will be all set to wear the genuine leather.