Facebook will not remove fake news – but it will be ‘reflection’

Facebook says it will not remove fake news from its platform. Because it does not violate its community standards. The social network is currently promoting advertising in the UK that "fake news is not our friend".
But publishers often had "very different viewpoints" and would be "contrary to the fundamental principles of free speech" to remove derogatory terms. Instead, it would be "demoted" news feed that it seems to be fake news.
After being proven in Russia to influence US voters using the social network. Its role has been verified in spreading Facebook fraud. On Wednesday, the company held an event in New York. Where it ought to seek extensively to journalists it was tackling the issue.
CNN's reporter Oliver Dorsi asks how the company can spread the wrong information. The reporter said when it allows the database to be placed on the platform.
Infowars produces live talk shows online. Facebook has more than 900,000 followers, its main host, Alex Jones, has 2.4 million subscribers.
However, the platform has demonstrably spoiled false information. Including such as the conspiracy theory that shooting in 2012. It was imitated by the US government of Sandy Hook. Facebook's John Hegman said: "We've created Facebook from a place where people can have a voice ."
The company has said that it will not remove fake disclaimers that did not break its rules. But the down-rank content that has been identified as false.
A spokesman told CNN, "We allow people to post it as a form of publication. But we are not going to show it at the top of the news feed."
On this site, the investigators tried to display a red alert icon next to the article marked as false. But it was later said that this method was "deeply betrayed".
Facebook's entire Good Wednesday told reporters that the fake news and conspiracy theories can be "problematic. It has also hurt me". But Infuser contributor Paul Watson said CNN had "lobbied a company to stop a small competitor".