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Home Notice Ev Ting created a lightweight division in the notice

Ev Ting created a lightweight division in the notice

The lightweight division is currently the most stacked of a championship, but the champion Martin Nguyen is now fighting in three weight classes – there is a traffic jam to navigate.

Malaysian-Qubee Powerhouse “E.T.” Ting is stopping his time.

After making a close decision with the previous title titled “Landslide” Foliang in April 2017, Ting returned to the title debate with a pair of impressive performance.

Spitfire, 28, from Auckland, defeated former welterweight champion Nobutsasu Suzuki on August 2017, before breaking up a decision by dividing Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton in February.

Before his fight with former world title champion Kochi “Commander” Ando MacAuwe, Ting TFN said that he was sharper than ever and was ready to cement his position as a contender for the title shot.

“I take it out of my way that anyone here is one by one that I will prove to everyone who is at the top.

“People can not deny my hard work. I am proven to all that I belong to the top – not only one but in the whole world, I am ready to compete with the best. I would like to see me deny again for a title shot.”


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