Dr. Dre Bit hit the headphones with a bill of 25 million dollars


Dr. Derry and music mogul Jimmy Iovine has been ordered to pay $ 25.2 million pounds (£ 19.2 million) to a former partner named Bits, a phone company on their head. Steven Lara claimed credit for the idea of creating a brand of celebrity-approved headphones.

He adopted the concept of Dre and Ivein in 2006; And the first bet headphones were released after two years, according to a design by Robert Brunner. The parties fall behind, and the unauthorized royalty of Lama filed in 2006.

The center of their dispute was a settlement in 2007, among which Dore and Ivy Lama agree to pay, which they sell 4% of the base price of each headphone.

Only one model, Bits studio, was specific, but Lama argues that the design was conducted over a dozen different models, and $ 130 million (£ 99m) of Royalty was sought.

A jury in Los Angeles decided that three pairs of headphones - 2 remastered Studio 2, Studio 2 Wireless and Studio 3 - were similar in design; And ordered that Dere and Ivy Lama pay $ 25,247,350.

Still studied with Studio 3, Royals also get the royalties with Lama's court order as a result of the verdict.

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Dre andJimmy Iovine trials are testified about the origin of the bits - a story that tells about the length of the Who Who's Bidor's Documentary Series The Distinguished Years Lama's lawyer said, the jury saw through her attempts to gloss over its client's role.

Brian Melton told Billboard, "They tried to grab some of those people that were at the right time and in the right place, and they already got the idea".

"I did not think that it was complete and I think we proved the opposite: before they met Lamar, they were not thinking about this and he gave them it on a silver dish.

He adds: "For any person who brings a good idea and brings it to a company and then there is no recognition or credit that they are the appropriate reason ... what the judgment of this jury says, if you happen to be with you and you ' an A little person again, you can go to court and you have a jury of American citizens to determine whether you are right or wrong.

"And if you're okay, you'll get the credit you gave."

Bits, which later became Headphone Company as a music streaming service, was acquired by Apple Music in $ 3 billion in 2013. Lamar's legal case was filed before this agreement and Apple was not mentioned as a defendant.