Downtown Waterloo sees a surge in new businesses


Waterloo - A wave of new storefronts is popping up on both sides of the river.

According to Jessica Rucker, Executive Director of Main Street Waterloo, from July 15, 15 business ventures were opened in the city of Waterloo.

He said, "It has increased a lot since last year". "While talking to other major street communities, we have seen how many steps we have seen. We have many shortcomings in the Downtown area which we are excited."

Excellent Good Co, A310E Fourth St., Cedar Falls High School graduation opened by Brandon and Anne Alvarado last week. It is a full-service graphic design studio with an outdated print-out for handmade printing. A small retail area in front of the store displays art and unique items by artist artists

A good company, he managed the Heidelberg Windmill printing press in 1960.

"As far as the old printing presses are advanced, the more modern," he said, referring to some older models in the 1920s.

Before going to Ayuva State University Twin City, the couple studied graphic designs, where Brandon gained advertising design experience and also took more vintage methods for printing.

"I really like working with my hands, and I look like a paper ink. It's just a lot more special and caring for the mind," Annie said.

After leaving Minnesota, Alvarads traveled the country considering their next steps. Although they liked the urban feelings of a big city, they knew they had support from friends and family in Cedar Valley.

"We also wanted to start a business, and we thought Iowa would be a great place," he said.

They're probably on some of them. Waterloo number 35 for best places for the Forbes magazine and the best small space for the career in 2017.

Alvarados's last fall landing back to Cedar Valley and opened their doors for business on Monday.

"There is a great power and there is more to come all the time," said the Central Business District's. "The new business is that we want to see things like our style type Cibo and SingleSpeed and with whom we like to work."

A grand opening with a point-cutting ceremony, drinks and snacks will be on June 21.a