Digital T-Shirt Printing Machine for Profit Maximization

digital t shirt printing machine

Why should we use digital T-shirt printing machine? T-shirt printing, a billion dollar business sector offers an easy scope of earning a huge profit. No matter you are a beginner or professional here, you have a lot of potentials to get a handsome amount of profit from this business.

But, day by day t-shirt printing business is becoming competitive and adaptation with the fast and efficient printing technology is became a crying demand here. A digital t-shirt printing machine, requiring minimum labor and maximum efficiency with fast speed in printing operation became a reliable printing method to all level of t-shirt printing business persons. There are some basic calculations and tricks in every business. In this article, we shall discuss how to maximize profit if you are dealing with a digital t-shirt printing machine.

Calculate the Overall Cost for Printing

If you go for printing a t-shirt, then the first thing you need is a t-shirt. It is associated with the cost of the t-shirt printing machine, ink, operator etc. Calculating the required cost will aid you to find out the way of maximizing the output and profit.

You may do this by finding out the answers to several questions. They are the cost of blank t-shirt on which you are going to do printing, size of the to-be print design, color density or variation, and per hour production capacity of your t-shirt printer. If you can resolve the issues with those questions then you are going to add some extra money with your regular profits, no doubt.

Cost of Blank T-Shirt

The T-shirt is the raw material for your t-shirt printing business. Its price directly has an impact on the final product i.e. printed t-shirt. The price of a blank t-shirt depends on several factors like brand, quality, and your purchase volume. Depending on those factors, the price of the t-shirt varies heavily.

 It is observed that, if you go for buying a large quantity of men’s white t-shirt then you will find them at a price nearly $1.25 to $2 depending on the quality. Black t-shirts are costlier than white type though they are very popular in the market. A good quality blank black t-shirt will cost nearly $2.50. So, price variation is obvious here. If you purchase a single t-shirt then cost will be higher. So, large-scale order is profitable than single t-shirt printing.

You need to adjust the purchase price with the selling price properly to make sufficient profit.

Design Size and Color

Size of the design you are going to imprint on the t-shirt directly impacts the cost per t-shirt printing. If your design is bigger in size then a digital t-shirt printing machine will take extra time and ink to complete the printing procedure. So, to avoid additional costing choose a simple design. Additional color involvement and big size printing limit your production rate. So, be wise while taking the orders. Commonly, 10”x12” design on t-shirts is used.

DTG Digital Printers Offer Low-Cost Printing

For a fast turn around and quick delivery with the finest finishing, you may rely on DTG digital t-shirt printing machines. They are famous for providing the lowest cost per print. So, if you choose this printing method then you can quickly do the printing task at comparatively low cost. It will increase your profit margin obviously.

Prefer to Light Color Shirts than Dark Colored Shirts

Dark colored t-shirts consume more time in printing as the additional color application is involved in the printing process and thus costlier than printing on light colored t-shirts. You may find that light colored t-shirts are less popular than dark colored but undoubtedly they are profitable to you.

Take Order Wisely

In t-shirt printing business with a digital t-shirt printing machine, you can print a lot of t-shirts within a very short time. But, you need to be very selective while taking orders from clients. As your ultimate goal in this business is making maximum benefit so, only take those orders which will be beneficial for minimum production. As a beginner, it is advised to take a minimum order for 12 shirts. It will help you adjust the cost of labor, taxes, materials, overhead etc. with profit.

Select Printer which Needs Minimum Cost per Print

From different available digital t-shirt printing machines, you should choose one which will cost you minimum per cost print. This is another trick of maximizing your profit from this t-shirt printing business. It has been observed that M2 DTG digital t-shirt printing machine offers the lowest per print cost. Its ink cost per CC is only $0.17.

Invest According to Your Demand

Firstly, assess the market demand of your product. From your assessment, you will find the real scenario of the market which will help you to decide whether you should invest in a high price DTG printer. For example, Epson F2000 costs only$19,995 whereas M&R $74,995. If you assume that market demand is high and you have sufficient possibility of earning sufficient profit then you can opt for a powerful and high price printer as they are capable of fast production. If not, you may go for a digital printing machine within your budget.

Always Select a Printer with Long Warranty Period

All companies are not ready to provide you with a long warranty period. Some offer a full warranty for a certain warranty period and limited warranty for the remaining warranty period. For example, Epson F2000 offers 1-year full warranty and Brother GT-381 offers a 1st year full and 2nd-year limited warranty. Warranty not only gives safeguard your t-shirt printing equipment but also it saves your money as you need notworry about your machine for the warranty period. It directly impacts your business profit.

Digital t-shirt printing machine brought a revolutionary change in the world of t-shirt printing. With less manual labor and time it became hugely popular among the beginners and pro-level people. If you are a newbie here you can realize the overall scenario of t-shirt printing with a digital t-shirt printing machine. Entering here you will be able to take some important decisions on t-shirt printing machine brand, blank t-shirt quality, and color etc. which directly have an impact on your profit. Bringing required modifications, you may maximize your gain from this t-shirt printing business with a digital t-shirt printing machine.