Digital Marketing Automation Tools | 3 Best Tools Review

Digital Marketing Automation Tools
Digital Marketing Automation Tools

Automating and increasing the efficiency of processes related to marketing has become a necessity for any company that wants to survive and increase sales on the Internet, where each day, the competition becomes more numerous and fierce.

Digital marketing automation tools are used to automatically, quickly, and efficiently manage marketing processes that otherwise would have been too complicated to carry out manually, especially when the number of customers has grown.

As you may already know, there are many automated marketing platforms for all pockets and types of existing businesses. According to eWorldTrade, For this reason, from Stentor we have decided to make it easy for you when deciding on one of them, preparing the following selection of tools for the automation of digital marketing for 2018.

First of all, we warn you that we are not going to show a strict ranking, but rather to carry out an assessment of the main marketing automation platforms on the market, to help you choose among all those that exist so that you can activate your sales thanks to automated marketing.

The best tools for digital marketing automation

If we are looking for the most complete marketing automation tools, we must go to the sector that allows good integration with CRMs, to be able to enjoy an all-in-one, which are consumer relationship management platforms from which we can deal with an infinity of processes related to digital marketing, that is, those that “allow you to do everything from the same place.”

Among those that allow full integration with customer relationship management, Hub Spot, Market and Eloqua are the big three and today the best tools on the market for digital marketing automation.

Deciding on one of them can be a complicated task, since they are all very complete and, in addition, they are aimed at a similar target audience, so we are going to make a comparison between Hub Spot, Market, and Eloqua:


This platform for marketing automation, like Eloqua, requires integration with Salesforce for the CRM, so if we are looking to manage everything in the same package, we must count on the final price possibly increasing by a few euros.

However, it is one of the most powerful tools on the market by itself. For starters, this automated marketing platform offers various resources for managing leadsconducting email marketing, analyzing results, and much more.

From it you can analyze and identify the most qualified leads ( lead scoring ), it allows you to use cross channels to improve the customer experience, such as sending SMS person to person in an efficient mobile marketing tool, receiving information about cross-selling, and sales rising, etc.

In the Social Media section, Market facilitates the creation of surveys, contests, and online events through social networks.

The market also features smart forms for landing pagesA / B tests for email marketing campaigns, and the ability to connect to Google AdWords.

In addition, it uses very interesting visual elements that facilitate the use of the application. Thus, to identify a potential customer you will only have to look for the users who show a flame on them.

As we have said, it has integration for CRM from Salesforce, as well as for Microsoft Dynamics.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is another very powerful marketing automation platform that offers businesses the ability to monitor leads, prospects, and conversions.

Similar to what Market offers, in the lead management area Eloqua offers what they call “Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring”, which is an intelligent system to generate qualified leads for sales.

For sales activation, Eloqua allows you to analyze customers and their behavior on the network. Thus, in a simple way, it allows you to know what they looked for, what websites they looked at, and where the relationship with your company comes from.

Eloqua also presents a visual display of the performance of our email marketing campaigns.

Like Market, it needs integration with a CRM and this is achieved in a very solvent way with Eloqua Integration Studio, a specific environment that helps to port data from Salesforce or another CRM agent.

We think that Eloqua, due to its great power, is more designed for B2B (business to business) than for B2C (business to customer). However, nothing prevents it from being used with non-business clients. In addition, the company that develops it is Oracle, one of the most important in the world for business intelligence in the cloud.

Hub Spot

Hub Spot is an all-in-one online marketing automation platform in the strict sense, which allows the import of data from other CRMs such as Salesforce in order to automate and manage all marketing and sales procedures in the same suite.

Hub Spot was the creator of the Inbound Marketing concept, so when it comes to using this online marketing strategy, we are probably talking about it being the most powerful on the market.

So with Hub Spot, you can optimize SEO and conduct keyword research. The Workflows tool helps you design your automated workflows.

Through intelligent content, it helps you establish a personalized relationship with your customers, such as dynamic forms with variable information to present to your users. In this way, you can automatically hide or collapse fields in forms that may be useless at a certain stage of the buying cycle or buyer journey.

Hub Spot also works with automatic qualification algorithms that help identify the best prospects so that sellers can more easily make the sale possible.

Of all the platforms analyzed, Hub Spot is the only one that has technical support entirely in Spanish, but despite this, the training offered on its website is still, for the most part, in English.

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