Different types of zippers available for the home sewers


If you do a simple research, you will be able to come across many different types of zippers that are available for the home sewers. It is better to have a clear understanding about all these types of zippers. Then you will be able to get hold of the best zipper, which matches perfectly well with your purpose.


Closed end zippers can be considered as the most prominent type of zipper that you will be able to purchase from the market. They don’t separate at the bottom. Instead, you will be able to find a stopper at the end of the zipper, which restricts them from separating.

Then you can find separating zippers. They have open ends on either sizes. There is a lock at the end of the zipper, which can be used to attach it to the teeth. You will also be able to find two way operating zippers in the market. They come along with two sliders. Once the zipper is installed, you will be able to move up the bottom slider to achieve the functionality.

As you can see, many different types of zippers are available for you to purchase. It is entirely up to you to analyze these zippers and go for the best one as per your requirements. You can also go ahead and purchase heavy duty metal zippers for canvas via zippershipper.com as they are specifically designed to last for a long period of time. You can get an impressive functionality out of them.

Last but not least, you should be aware of the numbers that are indicated on the title of the zipper.  These numbers indicate the chain width of the zippers. For example, if you purchase a zipper that has the number #6, the chain width of it would be 6 millimeters. You will be able to find this number on the back side of the zipper.