On Demand Delivery App Development | An Enkindling Guide

Delivery App Development
Delivery App Development

The multi-delivery marketplace has turned out to be a bustling sector as it creates numerous opportunities. The magnificent level of convenience embedded in the multi-delivery business is catching the eye of people to depend on such apps. It is not only about door delivery but there are several other features of the multi-delivery apps that puff up the user experience. Let us see the features of a multi-delivery app solution that help in enhancing the user experience.

Reasons that increase the reputation of on-demand delivery apps

  • Flexible and time-saving

The time-saving nature of on-demand apps in itself is pure bliss for users. In addition to that, users can decide the delivery time, which gives flexibility. The best part about on-demand delivery revolves around flexibility and time-saving. Most of the on-demand users never mind paying an extra ounce of delivery charges if they can avail of fast delivery.

  • A pool of delivery services

The focus of people on multi-delivery apps is increasing and soon people will abandon single service provider apps. Whether users are running out of medicine or grocery items, they can order from the same app.

The facileness of availing of a pool of delivery services from a single app is again a reason for the users’ inclination on the on-demand multi-delivery app solutions.

Favorable on-demand delivery app services

  • Food delivery

The highlight of your on-demand multi-delivery app is the food delivery services. So, you can’t refrain from providing food delivery services. Though the food delivery business is highly ranked there are also many challenges associated with it.

Before planning for a food delivery service, begin with studying the latest trends. Some of the trends that have mushroomed in the food delivery business in recent years are scheduled delivery, priority delivery for Covid-19 patients/senior citizens, contactless delivery, etc. Also, there are challenges like faster delivery, damage-less delivery, employing polite delivery executives, etc. These challenges will keep circling around the food delivery business.

  • Grocery delivery

Another staple on-demand delivery business is the grocery business. The grocery delivery apps have been observing new users over the past months and it is all because of the ill effect of the pandemic. Within a year, the grocery delivery services have glided to the top of the on-demand delivery services. The year 2020 has marked the start of a golden age for grocery delivery apps and there is nothing to deny that. 

So, if a business gains reputation, then obviously there will be challenges and competition, right? In that regard, the grocery delivery service has challenges like swift delivery, refund policies for damaged products, etc.

  • Pharmacy delivery

There is no better period than the current one to roll out the pharmacy delivery service. The on-demand pharmacy delivery apps have brought the convenience of purchasing medicines from local pharmacies for users. 

Though the pharmacy delivery service will be beneficial for every person out there, senior citizens will be the front liners in getting benefitted. So, if you are about to include the pharmacy delivery business service, then concentrate on senior citizens in your target area.

Features that will drive users closer to your delivery app

  • Social media sign up

Shift from the traditional registration process to the one-touch social media registration. Your users can simply choose the social media to handle they prefer and can easily get registered. All it takes is just a few taps. That’s all!

  • Delivery scheduler

Let your users decide the convenient time for delivery of the orders/services. The in-built scheduler will capture the timing and date mentioned by the user for delivery. 

  • Options for online payment

When you roll out your app, you will invest time and resources to marketing your app and bring users. One of the most important considerations is the availability of multiple options for making the transaction. The more the payment options, the better will be the user conversion rate. For example, if a user installs your app, selects a delivery service, and proceeds to the payment page and doesn’t find a payment option of his/her choice. The user will swiftly leave your app. So, focus more on online payment options.

  • Location tracker

Location tracker is of the highest priority among the features of the app as it helps spot the location of the delivery executives. With the help of Geolocation technology, the location tracker feature can be implemented.

  • Feedback

Continual optimization is the key aspect of success. Getting to know your users’ preferences at every stage is again important. Also, irrespective of whether your users are existing or new ones, you must get to know their feedback. 

Critical features of the delivery executive

  • Route optimizer

Fetching the most effective route is possible through the route optimizer feature. This route optimization feature will be embedded in the delivery executive’s app and with that, he/she can spot the efficient route.

  • Delivery planner

The purpose of the delivery planner is to notify the number of deliveries that have to be processed. So, if the delivery executive is presented with the number of deliveries, then he/she will be able to plan the route accordingly.

  • Availability button

Hiring gig workers for carrying out the delivery process is the current norm. Thus, they will work on flexible timings and it is important to know the availability of each delivery executive. The app’s algorithm will check the availability of the nearest delivery executive and then assign the delivery. So, it is necessary to include the availability button that will let the delivery executive mention his/her status. 

The more you give importance to the app’s features, the more will be the chance for user engagement. Every above-said feature is critical and your app must hold these features. 

Final thoughts

The spinning growth of delivery apps has sparked the need for delivery app development solutions among entrepreneurs. If you are in search of the best delivery app development solution then go for the white-label delivery app that comes packed with all the real-time features. Get your streak of fortune by entering the multi-delivery business.