Frances Entertainment to increase foreign investment in macron


France's Eric Fasol said that after the reform of President Emanuel McRone, the country's analysis has improved.

It is responsible for President Emanuel Macron's workers, tax and investment reforms, which has achieved the goal of creating entrepreneurs life and the lives of foreign investors a little easier.

The third largest economy in Europe is being used by GDP to use the tagline 'Return to France' that it is open for business.

Known for its fashion, food, and culture - the country is a drive from the world's preferred technology and innovative hubs.

France's Eric Fasole said that since the reform of Macro, the country's analysis has improved.

"We are now competing with more Germany, we are second in this concept ... now the idea for foreign investors is better than the UK."

A long-standing relationship with South Africa has been established in France, like African companies like Airbus, Safran, and Shenyader, are an important African market for their business in South Africa.