The Working of The Bongs And Dab Pens


Bongs and dab pens are popular devices in the smoking and vaping of concentrates, especially cannabis. Bongs are designed for smoking flower cannabis concentrates, while dab pens are designed for vaping wax concentrates/ dabs. Below is a breakdown of the working of a bong and a dab pen.

How does a bong work?

Bongs work based on some simple physics principles. The two main types of bongs are:

  1. Standard bongs – (they feature a long neck and a water chamber at the bottom. Such bongs can be made of glass, wood, or plastic).
  2. Gravity bongs – (usually made by hand using basic materials that you can find in your house).

Most bongs have five major parts: a chamber, a bowl, a downstream, a carb, a mouthpiece. The flowers/ buds are first preloaded to the bowl (half a gram is recommended) and when you light up the bowl, the weed will get lit and release some smoke. Before you start inhaling these vapor through the mouthpiece, you should ensure there is enough water in the bong such that the downstream is completely submerged. 

Once you start slowly inhaling smoke from a bong, you create a quasi-vacuum that absorbs the smoke from the bowl and stores it in the chamber. If you take your lips off the mouthpiece, you will notice that very few amounts of smoke leave the chamber. As the water cools down and cleans the smoke, the smoke tends to stay inside the bong.

When you remove the bong’s slider or carb, you should ensure you quickly inhale all the smoke in the chamber. Removing the carb makes it easy for you to swoop the smoke as the pressure outside the bong is larger than the pressure inside the bong.

How does a dab pen work?

Most dab pens have similar features as standard vape pens which include a battery and a heating element. However, standard vape pens are designed for compatibility with vape cartridges that usually come pre-filled with e-liquid/ distillate. Conversely, dab pens are used for consuming dabs.

Also known as wax, shatter, honeycomb, budder, or amber, dabs are a concentrated type of butane hash oil that constitutes high THC levels. The best dab pen is used for heating the thick and waxy dabs to extremely high temperatures converting them to vapor for the user to inhale.

The battery plays the role of powering the dab pen’s heating element. Some dab pen batteries have a range of variable voltage or adjustable temperature settings. These settings enable you to customize the vapor. For example, choosing a high voltage setting will provide more power to the heating element which will heat to a higher temperature. Consequently, you will inhale the highly potent vapor in the CBD vape cartridge that is filled with clouds. On the other hand, low voltage settings will create vapor that is filled with flavor but has lesser clouds.

Sequentially, the heating element heats the dabs loaded to the heating chamber producing vapor that you can inhale through the mouthpiece. 

What are the advantages of using a bong and a dab pen?

Some of the advantages of using a bong include:

  1. Bongs create smoother hits – (smoking blunts, joints, or dry pipes can irritate your throat when inhaling. Bongs cool down the smoke using water offering you smooth hits).
  2. Better filtration (burning any substance with fire can create harmful carcinogens. Using a bong can eliminate some of the carcinogens produced when smoking blunts and joints. Additionally, the water in bongs eliminates some of the unpleasant byproducts of combustion joints/ blunts).
  3. Bongs can create bigger hits – (you can let the bong’s chamber fill up with smoke and inhale all the smoke in one hit).

Also, some of the advantages you can get from a dab pen include:

  1. Portability – (the design of most dab pens allows you to carry them easily in your pocket or on your hand and take them anywhere).
  2. Odorless – (depending on the dabs you load to the dab pen, the device may not produce any odor at all. Furthermore, even if the vapor created from the dab smells like weed, the odor will dissipate more quickly than when smoking). 
  3. Are healthier – (Instead of combusting the concentrates, dab pens vaporize them. Therefore, they eliminate all the carcinogens produced during the smoking process).
  4. Flavor and temperature flexibility (with variable voltage batteries dab pens enable you to dial in your perfect hit. Also, some dabs contain some terpenes or flavorings that make the vapor you inhale flavorful).

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