Custom Printed Shipping Boxes User Guide | Increase Sales of Product

custom printed shipping boxes

Undoubtedly, there is a thriving demand for gift packaging in all retail markets. Be it food, cosmetics, or apparel, all businesses constantly rely on sturdy custom printed shipping boxes for their power to deliver diverse branding benefits.

Because markets are adopting a hybrid selling model, businesses are regularly devising boxes that work for both in-store shopping as well as e-commerce. The custom aspects of box production make it viable to create any sort of packaging within the stated time and resource allocation.

Gifts are generally renowned for generating positive feelings among receivers. It is no surprise that customers invariably add more worth to products that come in premium boxes designed like gifts. Brands are using such boxes to expand their growth and customer reach.

What are gift boxes used for?

About 85% of customers admitted to considering the outer packaging as the main component in deciding on which brand to purchase. Gifts, in particular, have a high acceptance rate. Customers instantly like the boxes delivered to their doorsteps that come in exquisite details and gleeful appearances.

A large group of customers prefers to buy from their brand of choice. It takes more than an ordinary box to impress them and divert their focus to let them know that your brand is better than the rest. Gift designs on the boxes have evolved to be more personal and custom-made for the products offered. They have gone beyond their basic functions to become an indispensable marketing tool.

However, certain brand owners are put off by the increased costs of creating these boxes. Obviously, they are more expensive than basic brown boxes. But their contribution towards improving a lot of branding features must not be overlooked. After all, elevating sales and brand repute is the main concern for businesses.

Why should you go for gift boxes?

Here are some solid reasons that would change your mind about gift packaging. You are sure to be convinced of their numerous positive impacts on the overall company expansion.

Let’s have a look.

It reflects your commitment

Many marketers have time and again stressed the added value to branding due to inspiring packaging.

Customers get the message that you are sincere in providing the best services and products. The work that goes into creating quirky boxes is instantly appreciated by customers. They believe that the boxes are a representation of the brand ethos. And obviously, the better the boxes appeal to the buyers, the more trust they’ll put into the brand henceforth.

Tiffany is a great example of a business putting a concentrated effort into its gift boxes. The turquoise blue boxes have become synonymous with the brand name over the years. So much so, that the customers buy the boxes individually as a souvenir!

Gives more room for creativity

Admit it, we all love turning artists for designing the boxes! Gift-like custom printed shipping boxes give ample space and opportunity to let our creativity flow.

The boxes are a plain canvas. So, it is a perfect place to put your brand logo, title, alluring colors, patterns, designs, graphics, and more. Imagine customers getting attractive and engaging boxes at their doorsteps. It would naturally raise their excitement of opening the boxes and buying again from the brand.

Not just the external aspects, the physical box dimensions are modifiable too. Gift packaging is created considering the intended products. This allows crafting smaller boxes for small products and bigger, thicker boxes for large and sensitive products respectively.

Empowers branding prospects

The boxes are an essential marketing tool. Brands can’t rely on basic bland boxes to speak favorably of their company. The packaging is seen and felt more closely than any other branding device. It makes for an effective method to convey crucial messages to customers.

Gift boxes enable customers to get a good read too. The font styles, shades, and background color can be tailored to fit your brand image. An important part of ensuring that the customers conveniently understand the content is printing it clearly and in simple language. Using custom features, brands can form a durable connect with customers.

custom printed shipping boxes

Attractive and innovative box elements

Brands have the ultimate freedom to add unique box components such as innovative seals, custom sleeves, inserts, ribbons, handles, etc. Branded Custom boxes are remembered strongly when they come with innovative accessories.

More often than not, additional add-ons make it easier to transport and store the products. For instance, food items need extra labels displaying the required temperatures, expiry dates, manufacturing details, and ingredients. Heavy electronics boxes come with handles on top or sides to make transport convenient and safe. Cosmetic boxes are sealed with ribbons and certain products come with custom trays to hold all the product parts in one box.

The boxes are also printed with QR codes to make life easier for retailers and prevent thefts.

Extending a personal brand experience

Gift boxes are also lauded for offering personalized sentiments. Texts printed on the inner box sides or extra leaflets welcoming new customers is a great way to ignite a pleasing shopping aura.

A majority of brands offer discount vouchers and free samples of new products to let customers feel valued. Anything above and beyond the basic purchase is greatly appreciated by customers. These little additions can make a huge impact on customers’ buying preferences.

The recent unboxing craze has become dominant for customers. They view the videos before buying from a brand and post about their shopping experiences for others to see. This form of word-of-mouth advertising has reformed how brands plan and execute their packaging.

Surveys suggest that it takes 5 good reviews to wipe out one bad one. Gift boxes are an efficient way to impart brand knowledge among buyers and convince them of premium brand values and ethics. Moreover, reliable custom printed shipping boxes enable safe and timely deliveries that add to an impressive shopping procedure and persuade repeat orders.


All the mentioned benefits have a profound effect on total costs and sales revenues in offering worthwhile profit figures.