Custom Lip Balm Display Boxes: Giving Your Product An Alluring Look


Custom Lip Balm Display Boxes will help your product packaging look attractive. Competition is getting tougher day by day whether you are a person who’s running a bakery shop or just going to introduce your product in the market. It would be best to use the latest marketing techniques, so your product doesn’t get lost between other well-known and beautifully packaging products.

Every brand nowadays using custom packaging because, in this way, their product will look different from others and stands out in the crowd. People in the cosmetic industry use this custom display boxes strategy by having a logo printed on it to remember them. Don’t you yourself think that using ordinary cardboard with zero attractiveness will look a bit mundane?

The only thing that will keep your lips smooth, natural, with no cracks, is a lip balm, especially in winters. This is the reason many high-end cosmetic brands have started to introduce their own lip balms. To make their product a little better, different, and high quality from others, they use custom lip balm display boxes. 


What options do you get in custom packaging?

You can even design the packaging design by yourself while using a few tools. Here are the details that you must take care of if you don’t want to get the reputation of your item ruined:


If you are designing custom lip balm display boxes, the design must first be according to ingredients. Like if you are introducing fruity lip balms, then you must use that fruit printed on the packaging with your company’s logo obviously because a customer always remembers the product they bought once from their logo. Plus, a logo will give your packaging a branded finishing. 


The designing of the custom lip balm display boxes consists of the followings three aspects:

  • Shape: don’t go for old cylindrical or rectangular boxes shape. Try to use a unique shape for the packaging because your item’s shape will look different. 
  • Color: if we specifically talk about cosmetics, then loud shades and matte texture would be a great combination. It will give your goods a branded look, and using loud shades in the packaging will draw customer’s attention towards your product. 
  • Size: you won’t fit a lip balm in a lipstick pack and vice versa. So, the exact packaging size is quite compulsory. Not too loose and not too tight packaging would be a great choice. Try to get the packaging on point so that the product will fit in it perfectly. 

Get add-ons:

To make your packaging a bit fancier, you can have add-ons like spot UV, embossing, foiling, and die-cut. It will help you enhance your packaging’s delicacy, and it will look a lot finer. 

How is custom packaging better than ordinary ones?

If you are going shopping and looking for a particular product, and when you find it, you can see the same product of different brands you will prefer to buy? One has been packed nicely in a quite attractive and eye-catching packaging or the one not so perfectly packed?

It is quite obvious, or you can say human nature, that we get attracted to the product that attracts us the first and draws our attention. So, in this race, a perfect custom packaged product will win.

Here are some of the other reasons that prove the same point how a customized packaged product is better than the one in ordinary packaging:

Marketing Technique:

When you get your product customized packaging, you won’t need anything else for its marketing. You won’t have to spend money on other marketing channels because the marketing packaging will speak for itself. You don’t have to get flexes printed to make your product famous—all you have to get your packaging designed to look classic to other products of the same use. 

Get Attention:

Custom packaging will automatically draw our attention because of its uniqueness because it will look different than the other products. If your product is in custom packaging and placed on the tabletop, even when the customer is in the queue waiting for the billing, then there are possibilities your item will draw their attention.

This is the benefit of using custom packaging that the product speaks for itself. It will look obviously way better than the goods packed in ordinary plain packaging.  

Environment-friendly packaging:

The solid waste rate is getting higher with every passing day, and the most come from the packaging industry. People like to buy packaged goods, but not all the packaging materials are recyclable or biodegradable. But the custom packaging you choose for your product will be made up of Kraft material that is bio-degradable and recyclable.

So, you are marketing your product while promoting a cause, which doesn’t pollute your environment. This factor also affects the customer’s point of view of your goods. Everyone is concerned about the environment nowadays, and they prefer to buy those products that environmentally friendly.  

Looks better than others:

We will always prefer buying those products that have been packed in the finest packaging. If you will give someone a gift, how would you like to pack it or which one the other person likes, a gift packed in ordinary packaging with no frills or a beautifully decorated gift pack?

Doubtlessly, the packaging affects customers’ point of view towards your products, and if they like the packaging, they will like it. The custom packaging will also help the items look different from others and a lot better if placed on a shelf or tabletop near the payment counter. 

Customization Versatility:

In custom packaging, you get many options on how you want to design it for your product. Like said above, there are options in shape, size, colors, and graphics you would like to have on your packaging boxes. Different details on the packaging will help your item to look far better than other typically packaged items.  

Economical Packaging:

When you plan to go for another business venture knowing that you’ll have to start from the scrap, you have to take care of one thing: cutting down expenses. Try to save money in every possible way. While introducing a new product, the costly process will be the packaging of every single item.

But if you choose custom Kraft packaging over ordinary packaging, then you can save a lot of money from this. The packaging material is recyclable, and you can order custom display boxes in bulk to get a wholesale rate.

Customers feel special:

It depends on the business you are running, but it has to be nice wrapped in custom packaging when a customer buys something from you. It is the best way to show the customer how important they are to you.

You won’t be able to interact with every customer of yours, but they will feel extra special and emotional in this way. This is the point of making them your regular customer to keep shopping goods from your store. 

How to make your custom lip balm display boxes more perfect?

If you are going to introduce your product to the market, then you must already know that the competition is quite high. You’ll have to try every possible way to leave a mark on the customer’s minds so they will like to buy your items again and again. This only happens when you get successful in drawing their attention.

Customers judge the quality of the product through the packaging, and if they like it, they’ll buy it for sure. After designing the perfect packaging stuff for your product, you need to take care of a few more things if you don’t want to take any risk:

  1. Take care of the folding because it has to be perfect, or else your product might get affected if you are going to deliver it somewhere. Plus, it doesn’t leave a good impression on your customer.
  2. Please don’t put too many details on the packaging, only the important ones, and highlight them. 
  3. Make sure the custom lip balm display boxes are not loose.

The bottom line | Custom Lip Balm Display Boxes

So, the bottom line for making a good first impression on your future customers you must get your products packed in custom packaged display boxes. The product you will introduce is a lip balm; then, you have to take extra precautions because every brand is doing it to earn a handsome amount of money from this business.

Everyone buys lip balms, especially in winters and such brands use custom packaging. The only way through which even your product can give those fancy cosmetic brands a tough competition is through custom lip balm display boxesYou have to get customer’s attention for once with the packaging, and they would never betray you by buying lip balm from any other brand for sure.

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