Custom Boxes – An Ideal Solution for Electronics Accessories Packaging

Custom boxes

Setting foot in the electronics industry is difficult given the sheer level of rapid innovation and change in customer dynamics. Custom boxes increasingly represent the fluctuations in industry norms.

Creating powerful boxes V/S the competitors

The rivalry between electronic brands goes beyond the quality of the products to comprise the appearance of their packaging. Customers visiting retail outlets don’t have much to judge the products by rather than how they appeal. For this reason, and numerous others, electronic companies are using customized forms of packaging to enthrall buyers as soon as they see the branded boxes.

But even though a large group of sellers is aware of the importance of using improved electronics packaging boxes, why then the industry is dominated by a handful of prominent brands?

In reality, not every customized packaging would foster customer satisfaction. Only the boxes that incorporate both the product specifications and customer expectations would work to instigate customer loyalty.

Don’t panic if you don’t know what these are, we are here to give you an easy guide on how to craft the ideal electronics packaging. So, without further ado, lets us dive right into it.

  • Make use of empty box room

We are not talking exclusively of the inner box space but also the front cover. The common error that most brands seem to be making is not using the box space effectively.

When your aim is to gather the maximum eyeballs, choosing the right box spot to display brand features is the correct method. Every inch of the boxes can be customized to hold all relevant info. For instance, the front or top portion is reserved for the brand signature logo and style including fonts and graphics.

The sides must also be used to inform buyers of intricate products details. Electronic items need to be used correctly for customers to reap maximum benefits from them. Using the box panels for these details is a good idea. Certain brands die-cut the windows on the sides to give a sneak peek of the product.

  • Add more attraction features

Just a printed box wouldn’t attract customers’ focus. Plan out the customer preferences pertaining to your consumer markets and incorporate them on the boxes.

The boxes can become a customer hotspot when they represent their tastes. For example, numerous electronics brands are switching to bio-degradable packaging. it helps to capture the interest of millennial buyers who prefer lowering their carbon footprints.

Some other captivating features can be:

  • Use of an offbeat color mix.
  • Using undertones rather than the usual bold color hues.
  • Design the boxes to reflect regal brand value. This could be through strong textures and placing emphasis on a clean box appeal.
  • Reusing the boxes. Printing ideas to recycle the packaging is a great way to impress customers.
  • Shaping up the boxes in quirky forms. Creative opening procedures also ups the brand appeal.

The best thing is that you can include any other element on custom boxes that you think would work with your target audience.

  • Reduce crowded box designs

The recent year and a half have seen electronics brands switching to a pristine box appearance. Following the industry, norms is a good way to imbibe fool-proof designs on your packaging. Custom boxes are extensively used by electronic brands. These offer a modern marketing method as well as work best to generate customer interest.

Firstly, identify what matters the most. Not all branding components can be placed on the boxes. It would be impractical due to limited space and also cause confusion among customers. Don’t get tempted to customize the boxes so they become difficult for customers to apprehend. Instead, opt for details and graphics that are relevant.

Secondly, remember to state your social media and online portal addresses. This way, you can save on space and also increase traffic on the website. Of late, the general perception is that brands must emit understated box looks to look regal and premium. Apple is one brand that has prominent boxes owing to its white background and simplistic designs.

One more way could be to spot more illustrations than just plain texts. Customers are busier and don’t have time to go over the whole box contents. Using graphics with texts helps to minimize printing and instantly connect with buyers.

custom printed shipping boxes

  • Plan-out supportive boxes

The last but definitely not the least aspect is to take time to create the custom printed shipping boxes. Obviously, you don’t want the electronics packaging to just look effective. It must work to protect the contents too.

Every year, shipping refunds and replacements cost significant amounts to companies. One effective way to lower wastage is to use reliable box materials. A good quality stock paper ensures fewer erosions and damages along the way.

Many businesses use boxes that are made with precise product measurements to provide suitable support and minimize material utilization. Boxes also come with custom locks and creative handles to make transport safer and more convenient.

Package to retain customers

The foremost packaging objective is to endorse the basic brand values. With modern box construction, a lot of business aims can be achieved diligently. Use the boxes well and you are sure to notice the difference in customer retention and loyalty.

Just a little bit of planning can be the reason customers buy on a loop. You don’t have to necessarily spend a lot to get that ideal box look. It can be done within your resources and time.

Below are certain factors that must be considered before you set out to produce your packaging.

  1. Creativity is king. Customers value their shopping when it comes to quirky boxes.
  2. Electronic items must be visually represented. Customers tend to take the boxes at face value so ensure to present the products as fairly as possible.
  3. Reuse the boxes and encourage customers to do the same.
  4. Cover the most fascinating brand aspects like giving back to the community, certifications from regulatory bodies, and responsible production ethics, among others.


Convincing customers of your branding becomes viable with custom boxes. Utilize them carefully to notice a steep rise in your brand’s popularity.