Courts cannot be forced to remove Yelp reviews

The California Supreme Court this week has made life easier for internet review sites. It can not be forced to remove reviews from a business page by legal means ruled Yelp.
The 4-3 verdict is not a defendant in Yelp that was a defendant in the special case. In contrast to an earlier decision to remove a supposed defamatory review of Yelp in a court and was not allowed to defend itself in court. The Supreme Court originally agreed to review the case in 2016, coming to Yelp with ACLU in northern California. ACLU said in a statement, "Even without the scope of allowing the website owner to come to court to protect himself. People can censor online statements".
According to the New York Times, the page whose review was written was San San Francisco's lawyer Don Chelsea. An alert at the top of a fast travel at the Hasle Law Farm Farm shows that it is being monitored by the Yelp Support Team.
Hassell claims that two malicious Yelp reviews of a client called Ava Bird. The case was taken in a statement by Yelp's lawyer Arin Shur in a California court. The verdict of the original court stated that the account was barred only for further review because of the company's review.
In order to interfere with Shura legal system, some of the shocking shadows in the legal fraternity. It is with a fair firmness, are properly reviewed.
As we have seen before, the case is not a good option for customer service and responsiveness. The law is strictly avoided and removed from the court's work. It would save time and money, and in those cases which are really important to the maximum - of its clients
Probably he mentioned several times a few times Yelp review took legal steps. For example, ACLU helped a Virginia woman in 2012 when she was sued for an alleged defamatory review by an undercover shop owner
Saying, the ruler Yelp protects to be strong-armed in legal reviews through pulling reviews by means. As far as the critics know, they may be able to file a lawsuit or rarely protest.
Surprisingly, it represents Yelp Hassell's best to protect the page, as an alert on the state of review:
This recent wave has created a wave of recent news, which means that people come to this page to post their responses. we will eventually delete reviews. Which will be more motivated by news coverage than with our customer experience with the publisher's business.
While writing one or two reviews, these filters have been put to an end. For an example, "Do not believe you have lost your case" - you will blame if you leave a negative review. "You can still see Ava Bird's original negative review, which begins in the entire world. According to NYT, Yelp reviews the review during the original complaint. And the claim of Hasel has not considered that it deserves condemnation.