Comic Book Review – The Man of Steel


Since these mini issues have started, the steel has become an abstract journey of the Man of the Bumping, and this has happened in a short period of time. Brian Michael Bendis brings home his final affair and indeed delivered the last issue that lasted for a couple of issues. Steel # 6 is a good conclusion and set some interesting things for the Bendis' story, and superannuation franchise, going forward.

What Bendis is most successful is that as a flashback in the kit family, he finally revealed what happened to Les and John. It has actually erased one criticism from the previous problem because I felt John and even played Leoce out of character, but Bendis gave some very difficult reasons because he was allergic to the universe. He has done more than just wanted to know the rebel or his grandfather, but this is an amazing way back to Superman, supervenience and teenage Titans crossover 'The Supersons of Tomorrow'. It's some nice character work and Bendis Jon wrote well as he is a potential future where he killed millions of people unknowingly

Another strong aspect was Loose because he was finally "what?" Or got a bigger share other than "he cannot go". He was determined to find some great moments for John and Clark to give comfort and look at John, looking at some of his classic shocking characteristics as he looked for a difficult reason to stay away from him. Bendis also took two final steps with Loes, which was a cover story of his galaxy travels for his book (one, which only knows a few, explains why anyone on the Planet does not know) and Clark is the Superman case. It is a fascinating idea to explain why a superman does not wear ribbons from the beginning and goes back to the red trunk and if Louis uses that suit when he comes back, it is an impressive idea to explain this beautiful touch. This is a big malice, though, that Bendis Kate has gone away for now with the family. Clark and Lewis were among the highlights of DC rebates in exchange for the public n's relationship, and the title of the supermodel often is higher than others. As we've seen these miniseries, that surrounds the dynamics of a lack of loss as there was just something missing in Superman's interaction. Perhaps this is the point, so readers think Superman is lonely and why Lions and John are so special, but it still creates overall weaknesses.

What was also weak about the story, and especially the problem, once again, is the disease. Later on, 6 things and he was no more personal than the first issue, because there was no intensity to hate the Christians. He does not believe in Superman's heroic second time, believing he hates the world. One good thing about his interactions with Superman was how Man Espail was able to make him angry and took charge of the war. The mini-Sarah battles are consistently good and at the top of the industry, Jason Fébé is one of the 'best looking battles in the series.

Bendis also performed dramatically at the stage and in the continuation of the war, using supergirl, and there was no objection to it as he came and saved it, though their problem was the temporary solution cost. It is still interesting, though, how this set up the new Supergirl series later this summer. Although Bendis is not likely to be with Zarr yet, I wish we had acquired a skilled warrior who hated Krypton to know more about him away.

As said, Fabok's artistic problem was a highlight. Let's look at all of his cool moments with the battle against the Kent family and Zarr. She nails the characters' emotions and has very detailed details of her face. He works well with the panel and the movement of the panel, such as how Clark climbs to the level of John, Clerk and Loes see a glance or John goes to his room in his background. Brad Anderson's color gives this subject a vibrant look that favors the fashion pencil very well, the photos pop the page.

Steel # 6 Man of Lading and a couple uninterrupted problems managed to retrieve series for me. Not all my criticism has been addressed, but Bendis works some good and impressive character that makes the future of its series very interesting. Only missing that family dynamic, but hopefully, Bendis will bring back Lions and John.