‘Come to Russia,’ FIFA ambassador and former Miss Russia tells fans of England before joining Russia’s quarter-finals


In the diplomatic pressure of the Russian former double agent and his daughter's poison, there were fewer England's fans in Russia.

Confronted by the ambassador and former Miss Russia Victoria Lopereva for Russia's Football World Cup, go to Moscow to support their team in the semi-final against Croatia on Monday, to Moscow fans and go to Moscow.

In the diplomatic pressure on Russia's former Double Agent and his daughter toxic, there were fewer England's fans in Russia, and now a woman who was poisoned with the same nervous agent as the police say was a death.

Before the tournament, there was fear that violence or racism could happen, although no major incident was recorded.

"Football is different from politics, because those who work in politics should concentrate on politics, and those who work on football should focus on football," said Lopierev, who is briefly married to Russian striker Fooder Smolov, in an interview.

And now I want to say to English fans: 'Friends, come together in Russia and support your national team because they are playing semi-finals', he said. This match will be the semi-finals of England's first World Cup since 1990.