Cloud Business Intelligence For Your Competitive Advantage

Cloud Business Intelligence

Cloud business intelligence has been gaining popularity, thanks to technology advancements, but while this is crucial, it has been mostly based on key technological innovation rather than business requirements. As the digital revolution comes of age, it has become imperative for businesses to design a business strategy that fuels growth, drives innovation, cuts unnecessary costs, and remains competitive. 

Cloud Business Analytics and Its Deployment Models

Cloud-driven business intelligence is the process of transforming data into actionable insights conducted in the cloud environment. With scalability, security, and flexibility offered by the cloud, it is an ideal match for business intelligence systems. 

Cloud BI solutions enable organizations to:

  • Easily access data via any mobile device or web browser
  • Ensure high availability and risk-tolerance of BI solution
  • Eliminate all hardware and maintenance related BI costs
  • Share actionable insights securely with office personnel
  • Deploy a BI solution and compute resources cost-effectively

Types of Cloud


A web-based BI solution can function within three cloud types:

Public Cloud: A public cloud is managed by third parties that provide cloud services over the internet to the public. It splits infrastructure costs among cloud tenants, making it the most affordable option for cloud BI. It is an ideal go-to option for small and mid-sized enterprises that are able to start businesses without requiring large investments. A basic characteristic of the public cloud is multi-tenancy and multiple users rely on public infrastructure for their IT needs and requirements. In the public cloud, the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) manages & operates computing resources. Example: Microsoft, Google App Engine, Windows Azure Services Platform.

Private cloud: Private clouds are distributed systems that work on private infrastructure and provide users with dedicated storage and compute resources exclusively. Unlike the pay-as-you-go model in the public cloud, there are schemes taking into account the usage of the cloud in a private cloud. Private clouds offer a higher level of security and privacy to their users. 

Hybrid cloud: Hybrid cloud is a heterogeneous distributed system resulting by integrating features of private cloud and public cloud. Hybrid cloud offers partial security because the services running on a public cloud can be accessed by the public whereas services running on a private cloud can only be accessed by authorized users. With a Hybrid cloud in place, users can store and analyze confidential data in the private cloud and experiment with massive data volume in the public cloud. A hybrid cloud utilizes facilities of both private and public clouds. 

Cloud BI Software Capabilities Businesses should look for

Modern BI software hosts a wide variety of capabilities and below-listed are the few cloud BI software capabilities that businesses should consider looking out for:

  • Built-in data management capabilities for data extraction from multiple sources, transforming it into the required format to ensure its high quality
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to enable data mining & predictive analytics for accurate forecasting
  • Collaborative capabilities to share data analytics in real-time for better decision-making and data democratization
  • Cloud reporting & visualization capabilities for users to attain analytics insights in the accessible format.

Top Cloud Business Intelligence Tools

With the afore-mentioned cloud BI software capabilities, we have listed below the top web-based business intelligence tools preferred by organizations. 

Power BI

Power BI is a leading player in analytics and business intelligence platforms. It aims to provide interactive visualizations at affordable pricing and the ability to address analytical challenges efficiently.

Services: Power BI Pro, Power BI Embedded, Power BI Report Server, Power BI Mobile, Power BI Premium. 

Qlik Sense

The Qlik sense is a one-of-a-kind analytics engine with drag-and-drop visualization and data storytelling capabilities.


Tableau is the fastest-growing data visualization tool with its user-friendly interface and significant capabilities such as advanced data analysis, data integration, secure collaboration, rich visualization, and much more. 

Services: Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, Tableau Server Management, Tableau Server, Tableau Mobile, Embedded Analytics, Tableau Data Management, etc. 

Moving Forward

Cloud computing is a business requirement instead of an option because it offers cost-efficiency, scalability, and high service availability. Therefore, to reap the benefits of cloud-powered BI solutions, let your first move be choosing a reliable business partner – Polestar to develop your BI implementation strategy and assist in achieving your business goals. 

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