City Council approved a new marketing agreement for Business Park


To improve the landing marketing of Lonsdale Business Park, Lonsdale city Siran entered a special listing agreement with commercial properties.

The Lonsdale City Council approved the exclusive agreement on June 14.

Lonsdale Economic Development Authority (CW) has canceled its exclusive listing agreement with Custom Waxfield (CW) to find a broker in the Business Park market, which fails to sell the business, which sells the property. The request for suggestions, however, comes mostly from the city's connection instead of the broker. City staff has worked with Seran / Apro Development in a serious business range and the business park has started exploring the possibility of listing with Siran.

In the past, the city's relationship with Siron / Apro Development became a technical method, incubation and building its business in Business Park.

Three outlets are adjacent to approximately 34 acres of total and Hwy in Lonsdale Business Park. 19, a 10-ton highway northwest parcel on the east side of Lonsdale, for a commercial / industrial business, for the production of two other pallets and for the production.

According to Rice County records, the estimated cost of Outlet B $ 189,000; Outlot D is estimated to be $ 171,000; And outlet e is estimated at $ 149,300

The new listing agreement between the cities of Lonsdale and Cerron commercial properties is between 1 June, 2020 and three outlets of Lonsdale Business Park. Any group that expresses interest on the land, will mention Ciren in the city

Tracks Park Update

The election council also approved a irrigation system for Treja Park in South Maine and Idaho Street.

Six different companies have requested quotes for installatio. The City Planner Ben Bucker Barley recommends optimum services for rain water irrigation systems. and to get support pumps from outdoor services.

"There is a water line that needs to run a little way from our head so that actual pump is needed now," Baker said. "Once the new lineup is set, the pressure will be set."

The installation of irrigation system is expected by August 15th. First, Baker said, it is necessary to be classified in the park. After the irrigation system is installed, grass seed will be planted.