Celebrating Brazilian Identity and World Cup in Deeply Rooted Football


Football is deeply preserved in Brazil's popular culture and is the time of the World Cup to celebrate and strengthen our national unity and self-esteem. As a famous song line for the Brazilian squad in the 1970 World Cup, we "all connected to the same passion, all single hearts." Anyone in Brazil is likely to hear about a detailed report with a full prescription for what he/she is following in the team. A football coach in Brazil during the World Cup.

Football is not just Brazil's most popular sport; This is a defining feature of our nation. Although the Brazilian heart touches like volleyball, basketball or Formula 1 games, football is a very fragment of our own and our national identity.

In Brazil, almost everyone supports a local team from a very young age. The youths are on the street in football play and development. Through the World Cup matches, flags and team stickers, children come to the idea of nation and nationality. Indeed every Brazilian boy (and growing girls) dreams of being a football player. It should come to no surprise that 10,000 Brazilians worldwide are professionally around the world.

Brazil is the only country where five times won the World Cup - 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 - and the only unit to participate in all the editions. In Brazil, everyone stopped watching the national team's game. Pubs, restaurants, shops and open spaces, big screens and small TVs are tuned in all the world cups. The version of Russia will not be any different. Now Brazil, people, houses, streets, cars ... everything is decorated with green and yellow colors of the Brazilian flag.

Brazilian emotions for football are contagious. Anything else can not support strong support for many in many places on behalf of its national team, but sometimes there is no strong connection to Brazil in the remote country, but it is an essential part of the soft power of our country, through which we can spread joy, peace and fair play.

While celebrating 70 years of bilateral relations between India and Brazil, the favorites of the Brazilians are becoming increasingly popular in West Bengal, Goa and Kerala and throughout the northeast. Football also gives India an opportunity to do business. Both the I-League (established in 2007) and the Indian Super League (both in 2013) are promoting Indian football and helping in professionalism. In 2012, during the 8th BRICS Summit, Broker (Brazil, Russia, India, China) U-17 Football Cup The first version was organized. The first FIFA World Cup was held in the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup, 1.35 million (beyond China's 1985 edition) is considered one of the most successful of its kind with a record public. For this reason, India is also ready to organize the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

For the past decade, football has become a serious global business, in which Brazil plays an important role. India may be a place for the green field. The three countries of the BRICS - South Africa in 2010, Brazil in 2014 and now Russia - FIFA has been continuously elected to host the World Cup; India's turnout cannot be so remote for this big event.

Football is a fertile field for our country's cooperation. In fact, about 20 Brazilian players currently play in the Indian League where our coaches and other professionals work for the development of the country. As our biggest star in the game, Jico has supported the Indian Super League for three years and in December 2015, FC helps in Goa. He was famous for being the Chief Striker of our national team in 1982, he remembered very well that the best team not to win the World Cup

Everything that comes around the football ball: The ability of the players, the surroundings of the fans, the joyful tears of the winners and the tears of the defeats, Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade once wrote: "Football is played with souls". Among other sports, such as football, play dialectical winners and lost lives. The true winner, called, is to show respect and humility. The result may be difficult to obtain, but it only shows the path towards the renewal of defeat.