Business Letter Format: Here’s What to Include in 6 Easy Steps

business letter format

Before going into a business letter format, let’s learn what it really is, as all big and small businesses need it. A formal document often sent from one firm to another is known as a business letter. A business letter can also be sent to the clients of the company, workers, and other stakeholders. The use of the business letters is for the correspondence between a company and an individual or with another company, but for professional purposes only. Because of technology evolution and internet influence, e-mails have become the most common medium for professional correspondence.

However, printed-out business letters are still used in many firms, considering their importance. The most common business letters include employment verification, reference letters, job offers, and so on. To make a business letter effective, it must be well-executed and free of errors. Now think of what can be a “WELL-EXECUTED” business letter? It is simple, the letter that follows an accurate format includes appropriate content at the appropriate time along with zero spelling, grammatical or other errors is the “WELL-EXECUTED” business letter.

You must be thinking, what to include in a letter? Here’s a precise guideline about it:

A formal business letter must have a clear purpose and single purpose, along with keeping a targeted language. The opening paragraph has to be brief, and from there, communication should stick to the context. The information that provides a full understanding to the reader must be included in the subsequent paragraphs. They must clear the objective of your letter, and you must also avoid needlessly long words and meandering sentences. To keep the attention sustained, you have to make sure that the letter is concise, or else you may lose the deal.

Business Letter Format:

Now coming up on the format, certain sections are included in a business letter to give it a good structure. These sections are:

Contact Information

It must contain information about your name, Job title, Company’s name, address, city, state zip code, phone number, and e-mail address.


It is the date on which the letter is being written

Receiver’s Contact Information

It must include their name, title, company’s name, Company’s address and city, state zip code. Remember, this part gives a good sense that you know them.

The Salutation

Remember to keep the salutation formal in a business letter. It can be “to whom it may concern” if you don’t know to whom the letter is addressed. Otherwise, use formal salutations such as “Respected/ Dear Ms, Mr, Mrs” and their last name.

The Body

It must not be dragged, yet it must stick to the objective. The paragraphs must be well-written with single-spaced lines.

Closing Salutation

Now, this is different from the opening salutation. Here you close the letter after thanking the reader. Some of the common phrases you can use here include “Yours Sincerely, Respectfully Yours, Cordially, Respectfully”.

If your letter is less formal, consider using phrases or words like “Thank you, All the best, Regards, Kind regards, Best”.


It is the last section yet most important. Your letter must have your signature beneath your closing. Also, leave four spaces between your closing and your types of contact information that you can include here. Additionally, any enclosures can also be attached with the letter.

The most important tip for writing a business letter is to stick to your aim and adopt a formal tone. Review some letter samples such as follow-up letters, interview thank you letters, rejection letters, cover letters, job acceptance letters, appreciation letters, etc.

Whether you are a big or a small business, writing a formal business letter can be really challenging if you are new and want to communicate with your company’s stakeholders regarding something very important or if you want to close a very important deal. You can use these tips or just simply appoint letter writing services to do it for you. These companies have an expert team of writers who are professionally writing formal business letters for years now, which is why they know all kinds of business letter formats. With letter writing help, you can get any kind of letter anytime you want.