Business leaders’ top ten tips using technology business management to run new entrepreneurs


TBM – Since actively starting the practice, we have talked about hundreds of IT leaders about their experience – we have removed all their conversations from 10 things you must start.

Modern CIO is becoming a master of the Balancing Act, especially digital innovation is running at a fast pace. CIO’s role has become important in increasing the demand for advanced technology. It is particularly true that technology economics, traditional information technology costs and supportive labor are believed to have reached more than $ 6.3 trillion worldwide. IT really becomes a critical element of business performance, the difference between competitors and revenue generation.

However, with the introduction of growing and sometimes important CIO comes the height of the budget. A recent survey by the European CIO shows that, despite the expectation of an additional budget for innovation, it is compatible with operational concerns as a result of its temporary adjustments. Yet, the common fact is that every financial spreadsheet in CIO does not have time to find the information that they really need.

Because of this, now many technologies are moving forward towards business management (TBM) to address this growing challenge. Instead of considering IT as a cost list, the TBM framework helps CIO to gain a strong view of overall IT costs, including the cloud, Android-user computer and complex costs like security and related stuffing. Although most businesses are involved with this practice, they do not realize it; Using cost measurements, implementation of chargeback processes and generally going out of view of IT as a service expense are all examples.

But both of them have to work for a development of IT Finance and to run the business and for technical changes, CIOs should actively engage with TBM and make it as it works. Treatment, as its own business in IT business, and partnerships to improve their work in other BUs, is vital to ensure everyone’s IT find the most.

The benefits offered by TBM are clear. Organizations that implemented this discipline cost 69% more than the dollar spent on running the business. In addition to this, it has the option of choosing IT costs against competitors and internally, which allow organizations to realize their progress or even create them.

However, through the adoption of TBM, IT leaders can change their technology investment by clearly demonstrating the value of IT investment by becoming a strategic partner, accelerating new technologies and running the business for real digital innovation.

TBM – Since actively starting the practice, we have talked about hundreds of IT leaders about their experience – we have removed all their conversations from 10 things you must start.

1. TBM is a state of mind – not just one stop

“Many people start their TBM journey only, but you realize that this is an ongoing topic, and continue with it every day, week and month.”

Planning and Performance Manager, Cancer Research UK

2. TBM is something that everyone in the business should know

“Having a central core metric talking with the business is something I’m really moving away from and think about it. TBM’s concept is not only for people involved in infrastructure and money, but also to take great rest in [business].”

IT TBM Manager, Barbara

3. It actually helps you to know how much IT costs are going and how customers pay

“It means to get a grip on our costs and have their transparency, know what to do with our costs, and to identify cost drivers with our customers.”

Head of Technology Business Management Office, S-IT Solutions

4. It gives the ability to choose back business

“It means running this conversation with the business … we can show our cost structure and our cost drivers and we can actually give our business back choices because it is a choice, and we are transparent to those choices and we make those decisions transparent.”

Chief of Performance and Business Management, RBS

5. It helps to make technology standards across the business

“The one thing to take is that your business will meet the standards and criteria of the applicable technology.” I can tell you from personal experience that it has been able to return to me and achieve some amazing things in my career. ”

Head of Global Computer, Uber

6. However, the rest of the business can see TBM differently …

“My TBM is being run in my business as a technology, running to my organization, it is transparency of the cost, we understand what costs are needed to deliver our business services and our applications spend a full stop behind us.”

Business Manager for Infrastructure, ICBC Standard Bank

7. … So TBM should be used to help IT standard to communicate clearly

“In TBM predominantly for me, there is a standard framework for the cost of IT services and, in the future, I would say it’s a standard language between IT and business to talk about what IT quality really is.”

IT Controlling Head, Amadeus

8. It is taken for granted to help stop IT

“From a TBM perspective, most of our focus is on our internal chargebacks … App owners can see what their footprint is and they can understand the cost and expenditure. Many people accept IT for approval. It goes a lot in the background to enable.”

Director of TBM Office, Metal Life

9. It can plan you for the future

“It’s a way to realize our costs well and to go into real-based management and be able to imitate a cost like the future for our decision-making.”

Finance director, no technology

10. It makes CIO and IT organizations high for a valuable business partner

“Often felt as a cumbersome and bureaucratic back office and it transforms into a true business partner – flexible, forward-thinking, and favorable to support our various businesses – I’ve been very proud of the IT team.”