Bunzl eyes sell more acquisitions and non-core businesses

Pipeline for the acquisition of more transaction results in this year will be "active" for the acquisition of ongoing talks, Bunzl said
Bunzl PLC (Lawn: Bnzl) expects revenue to increase by 11% in the first half, increased by acquisitions and more grocery businesses that won North America. With a trading update, distribution and outsourcing group, it is in line with trading expectations.
In a trading update, distribution and outsourcing group are in line with trading expectations. Benzal also said that through this acquisition, growth has become part of its policy. It has committed a committed commitment of approximately $ 105 billion this year. Pipeline "Accepted" for the acquisition that is expecting to result in further transactions this year with ongoing discussions.
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The company has announced that it has sold marketing services business in the UK. It is generating an annual revenue of £ 46mln
Bunzl said, "The business considered non-core because the scope of foreign trade limited in the medium to medium-term. The company decided that it is a suitable time to sell the business," said Bunzl.