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Brazil’s best player competes against a team for the title to win against Serbia

For the first time in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Brazil has played as a competitive team for the last time to win the title, because they beat Serbian 2-0 and qualify for the top of the group and 16 runs. Paulinho and the Thiago Silva goalkeeper were for Brazil but were seen again due to Philip Kothinha’s performance. On the other hand, Neymar was frustrated even when he did not play his best, but against Serbia, he showed a good performance quite well.

Brazil’s players celebrate their second goal against Serbia during their FIFA World Cup 2018 group match. Brazil’s players celebrate their second goal against Serbia during their FIFA World Cup 2018 group match. So far in the tournament, Brazil has improved every game. They have shown progress and makes them dangerous because they are hitting the right time form.

Senegal is facing Japan with Colombia Belgium will face Poland at 7.30pm on Thursday and face Belgium against England, and Bangladesh will play in Tunisia in 11.30 seconds in the second set of 15 innings.

It was expected that they will not control the Brazilian primary proceedings for qualifying for the next round. Tite’s team enjoyed grabbing and started making changes for them ahead. But before they can influence, Marcelo, who plays an important role for the left side, has to be replaced by the injury. Former player Philip Lewis was named as Chelsea’s former player.

However, due to the unseated changes that Brazil has not lost their tally. Neymar had the mantle and got the first chance to keep his team ahead. He has done well to find some places in the crowded six people and then tried to move it to the left side. Serbian goalkeeper Vladimir Stzakovich was above the task and saved it. Minutes later, Gabriel from Gabriel’s own half, Neymar’s own good foot thread used his legs well to send Manchester City’s striker defender a wrong way, but his shot from the box was blocked by another defender.

The game was open and Brazil was looking like as well as those who were looking for. The result of their effort in the 36th minute was that Kothinho got a golden ball and Pallinno, who made a bright run in the box, it pressured the charging goalkeeper.

Brazil went into the break with a worthy lead. Curiously, Serbia was controversial for rounds of 16 rounds, did not do enough to test in Brazil. They are guilty of separation between the moving cutting-edge and, sometimes, the density of defense.

It was after the break that Serbia began to raise itself. For 15 minutes, Brazil goalkeeper Alison was easily kept alive. But it was kept safe before the goal reached Alexander Mitrovic.

There is an obvious part of the late goal and enthusiasm in Russia’s World Cup, and Serbia certainly brings value to solving the problem of Brazilians. However, there was no difficulty in doubling the lead of the lead in the 68th minute. However, he was not in favor of winning the strong title of Centigrade Thiago Silva from the quarter. One day when Brazil played good football, it seems Serbia is impossible to return.

The second goal is to certainly play a role in terms of having a psychological effect on the surfers. It seems that the Serbian team realized that their World Cup hope has been dashed and now it is all the limitations of the losses. Occasionally, they created some opportunities under the pressure of the Brazilians, but it was very little to hurt South American sides.

In the final match, Brazil faces seven points in three matches, and Serbia has won three points. Brazil joins Switzerland to join their group in the 16th round. The second in the table with Swiss five points after a 2-2 draw with Costa Rica on Wednesday.

Thank you for Germany’s humiliating defeat against South Korea, which eventually defeats the team, Brazil does not have to face them in the next round. They will now have to overcome the Mexico challenge to do this in quarters.

When the champions came face to face last night, Brazil performed very well against Surve. The five-time world champion was not the best at the beginning of Russia but they found their groove during a very important time. Like Neymar, he thinks fitness is in the game but it is possible to find half of the attack. Meanwhile, Kothinho as Brazil’s best player Following his clever pass is his opponent in the wake of his blister runs. So far, he made two scores and helped, and looks at the indecent touch. His form will be important because Brazil will enter the crucial stage of the tournament.


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