Brazil fans expected to celebrate the six World Cup titles in Russia

Brazil team beat Belgium 2-1 in the quarter-finals. After winning the Champions League title for the first time against Brazil. France went ahead 1-0 in the match against Belgium.
Engineer Flavio Montage travels 12,500 kilometers (7,767 miles) more than his home in São Paulo. The host city of the Russian World Cup for Friday's play.
He said, "We are very disappointed because we have played semi-finals and final to come here".
"But it was, I think, finally, a great match and Belgium played well. We want to admit that it is football."
Daniel D. Fritas Arião was not happy with Brazilian midfielder Fernando. Who, unknowingly, scored his goal in the first goal of Belgium with a goal, and scored a goal from round to shoulder.
"We feel bad playing well in Belgium and it is always difficult when another team plays well."
"But I think that I hate most Fernandinho, he's basically lost the game for us
"But we have come to see the World Cup, even losing our best experience, stay here."