Bothered on evaluation? See how much money he got from Mukesh Ambani


Who does not want to increase salary? Now, it may seem like a rhetorical question, but India’s richest rich Mukesh Ambani, who has changed the name of the 19th richest people in the world, with net $ 40 billion. In the 10th official year, Reliance Industries chairman (RIL) and Managing Director (CMD) kept the annual salary unchanged “reflects his desire to set a personal example for the amendment to the management compensation level.”
Since 2009, RRL’s unpaid salary is 15 million rupees. He was voluntarily limited to a debate by debate over CEO’s salary and allowances.

However, the person who provides 100 times more dividends – 4.75 rupees per second (which translates into 15 million rupees annually) – There is only one footnote in the balance sheet.

As Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, shareholders have been requested to participate in Ambani for five years. 61-year-old Ambani has been promoted to chairman of the Reliance Board since 1977 and after his father and family’s wealthy Ambani died in July 2002.

A resolution was submitted for the ammunition rearrangement for the company’s shareholders notice on April 5, 2015, for the 41st Annual General Meeting to be held on April 1, 2015. The notice will be given to him 4.17 crores and 59 lakhs rupees and annual salary will be paid. Benefits of retirement are not included in the fees for the fees.
He is entitled to profits based on net profits, and the company’s standing to provide Mukesh Ambani and his family members with “paid and indeed” expenses while traveling in business (business) and boarding, boarding, and husband and colleagues to use business and communication costs. The costs can be borne, they will not be treated as donations and him According to E, the overall limit of fees will not be included for the purpose of “notice”.

On behalf of the company’s board, non-executive director, Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani submitted a fee of six lakh rupees. His cousin Nikhil Rashwani and Hital and Meshbani saw their compensation of Rs 19.99 crores. In 2016-17, they earned 16.58 crore rupees.

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