Boil-water notice has been issued for Indiantown Co. customers


At least 27 hours, water consignment water subscribers have been found for the water, the company said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

Indian Council of Citizenship Co-Utility Manager Jim Hewitt said on Saturday that the poll results will be withdrawn on Saturday.

Because of the current electric power and light composition of Huayt, Florida, this bacterium will allow the system to enter the system due to the reduction of water pump due to the power spectacle.

As long as there is a clear issue, the water users of the Indian city company can use water or disinfection or bottled water for at least a minute using warmth or a defunctive chemical or purity tablets.

Indiana Co. is a non-government organization that provides water supply and waste treatment services to approximately 1,800 Martin County residents and businesses.

Customers can call 772-597-2121 or 772-597-2122 questions about the notice.