Best Schools in Gurgaon are Offering a Great Online Learning Experience During Tough Times


It was impossible to think about going through school from home, at least, until Covid-19. The pandemic forced schools to rethink everything they were familiar with. As children stayed back at home, it was time to offer the same exceptional quality of education online. It is safe to say that the best schools in Gurgaon rose to the challenge. With Covid-19 forcing schools to shut down, millions of children were severely impacted. While it became an intense time where parents and children clamored to adjust to new schedules, virtual platforms, and a complete lifestyle change, what is heartening to see is the effort that the best schools in Gurgaon have put to keep the children engaged, learning, and happy.

The challenges

1. One of the biggest problems that schools face is technology. While it is the technology that is helping us overcome a tough situation (when regular schools are not functional), it is also the cause of most of the problems. The best schools in Gurgaon complain that while most teachers know technology, some issues and glitches are beyond them. This affects the efficacy of classes leaving both teachers and children frustrated.

2. Class etiquette is another important challenge that even the best schools in Gurgaon are working hard to overcome. While parents are hovering during classes, there are also issues with children, not following rules that are considered normal in regular school.

3. Lack of discipline and motivation is another important challenge in ensuring that children have a great online experience. The best schools in Gurgaon are getting innovative and creative in ensuring that children stay accountable while being motivated to learn and perform.

Creative Solutions

1. One of the things that almost all the best schools in Gurgaon are trying is to ensure that they have a technology expert on hand at all times. A group of people working to ensure that the classes run smoothly, without interruptions is one way to ensure that teachers and students do not get affected by the disruptions. Further, schools also make efforts to keep an open line of communication (through WhatsApp groups and other chat mediums) with parents to ensure that children do not face problems at home too.

2. Etiquette is an important part of regular school. While most of the schools are facing trouble in this department, the best schools in Gurgaon are ensuring that children follow some rules:

Some schools insist that children wear school uniforms as they sit through their online sessions. Some others allow children to wear civil clothes but rule out certain kinds of clothes.

Schools expect children to sit at a desk as they attend classes. Also, schools ensure that moderators are present so they can pick out those, not the following etiquette.

3. One of the biggest challenges facing schools and parents is the lack of motivation and discipline in students. Here, even the best schools in Gurgaon seem to agree that schools alone cannot help this situation. While schools work to include fitness and workout sessions (innovative ways to ensure kids stay active), parents are advised to ensure that children get adequate breaks from online work to play games and engage creatively with family.

Adapt and Win

Schools that adapt and offer unique ways for students to stay engaged and focused on learning will overcome these challenges. Schools must offer teachers training on technology and trouble-shooting tips so they can tackle small issues on their own. Similarly, parents must understand that education is not the sole responsibility of schools. They must play an equal part in engaging the children while they are home. All the best schools in Gurgaon have been working towards the same and made the transition to online studies seamlessly.

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