7 Best GPS Trackers In 2021 | Top GPS Tracker Reviews


There are two things listed below that you ought to remember before purchasing the best GPS tracker.

Low is not smart

Keep in mind that any GPS tracker that costs low might not constantly be a wise choice. It isn’t good to evaluate a device based on its expense. Make sure you inspect its functions even if it costs low and you desire to buy it.

Realize your requirements

The primary and first thing to consider is your requirement. Analyze the reason behind purchasing a GPS tracker. Do you need to track your vehicle? Do you want to keep a streak of the daring takes that your family pet takes? Do you have a concern about the health of your child, parents, or staff members? You can then look for trackers with the functions that meet your requirements when you settle the reason you need a tracker. Understanding your requirements and preferences can likewise help you narrow your search from a wide variety of trackers.

Top Best GPS Trackers In 2021

  1. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

This GPS Tracking device works for people, possessions, and lorries. The upgraded version of this model is the famous GL300. The device is compact and relatively small. You can typically use it for tracking practically everything, drawing from your relatives to personnel to liked ones, assets, or lorries.

While the issue is about the storage space, you can repair the AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker in your pockets, cases, knapsacks, lorries, and boxes. The battery is rechargeable. The GPS device’s battery life is phenomenal. It provides the most extended battery life version that has lengthened multicarrier protection.


  • Keeps a performance history as much as 1year
  • Alerts you during undesirable actions
  • Compact in size
  • You can position it anywhere


  • Slow updates
  • Poor charging power
  1. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

This GPS Tracker assists you in tracking your properties. While it is reliable and rugged, you can utilize this GPS tracking device to track your assets in the field, outside, or indoors. You can set up many undetectable fences around the Trak4. If at any point in time the Trak4 crosses a fence, you will receive SMS, text, or e-mail notifies. With this remarkable GPS tracker, you can get precise details about where your things and people are.


  • Exceptional in tracking assets and people
  • Small and compact style
  • Makes usage of 2G and 3G networks
  • Uses GPS
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • When the battery is low, it notifies you


  • Does not have an app to choose the device
  • Readily Available in North America just
  • It is easily noticeable and identifiable as a sticker marks it.


  1. AREA Trace GPS Tracking Device

SPOT Trace offers a sophisticated tracking function for anything. With this device, you can get an email or text right away when your liked ones move. You can even follow your liked ones or family with this GPS tracker with the SPOT mapping in real-time from your computer, smartphone, or tablet devices anytime and anywhere. SPOT Trace makes use of 100% satellite technology. With this function, it can help you to interact and engage with your loved ones at any time from any remote location around the world.



  • Incredibly compact
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Enables online tracking
  • Sends you instant signals through mail
  • Supplies a wide variety of uses


  • Quite costly
  • No impressive accuracy
  • Tough setup
  • When out of the GPS Range, it does not work


  1. Accutracking VTPlug TK 373 3G

As long as the rate factor matters, this GPS tracking device is economical and relatively budget-friendly in the entire market. This device is effortless to use. Users will hardly deal with any problem utilizing this. You cannot pay any activation charges or cancellation fees when you go for this device. All and all, this is a terrific GPS device.



  • You get a massive selection of information strategies with this
  • Severe easy to utilize


  • Sometimes it does not notify you on time
  1. Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker

This Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker is an outstanding tracker for tracking your possessions and cars and trucks. This GPS device is effortless to use. Apart from this, the Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker has a fantastic battery life that requires charging between 2 to 3 weeks. You can track your properties from any Android device or iOS or any regular Web browser. If any tracker goes into or leaves a particular location while using this, you can get real-time tracking alerts.

Finally, this GPS tracking device updates its place every 30 seconds.


  • It has a live audio function
  • Outstanding battery life
  • You can install it outdoors


  • Request for a monthly premium to get access to other features
  1. Trackimo GPS Tracking Device

An international positioning system (GPS) is a linked system of many navigational satellites and stations to find your location at any corner of the earth. The GPS tracking device holds the capability to highlight precisely the precise location in an area with the aid of a minimum of 4 satellites and unrestricted sightlines. While this GPS device is for navigation purposes, presently, it touches every aspect of life.


  • Strong style
  • Clear SOS button
  • Very light weighted


  • Not waterproof
  • Extra expenses for USB Ports and SMS
  1. Area 3 Satellite GPS Tracker

When you take a trip to locations that are beyond the borders of your mobile service, spot Gen3 provides you with a vital life-saving medium of interaction at such times. With SPOT Gen3, your friends and family can make sure if you feel okay. In worst cases, if you satisfy with the threat, this device sends out emergency responders to your location within a simple single push of the tracker’s button. This GPS device is a pocket-friendly size, thereby ensuring your safety anywhere you go!


  • Excellent for hiking in deep woods


  • Not perfect for real-time live tracking


It does not matter why you desire to buy a tracking device. Nevertheless, it is essential to buy it while keeping many vital considerations in mind. If you want a car GPS device, you can fix it in your car, thereby ensuring your security if you wish to track your enjoyed ones and closed ones for security concerns and their wellbeing.