12 Best Ecommerce Website Builders | Website Builders Reviews In 2022

Best Ecommerce Website Builders

Creating an Ecommerce website in 2022 is like putting a ladder of success in your business. However, although it seems complicated and time-consuming, it is worth a shot. The idea of an online shop is profitable when done right.

Whether growing your bricks of online business or starting from scratch, the Ecommerce platform helps you accomplish your goals. The ecommerce website builder makes it simple for online enterprises to create websites. You won’t even need a developer with some of the ecommerce website builders.

However, in this article, we have compiled a list of the 12 best Ecommerce website builders from all around the web. It will also guide you according to your business needs and conditions.

12 Best Ecommerce Website Builders:

1.    BigCommerce:

BigCommerce is one of the budget-friendly website builders that amazes you with its advanced technology and services.

In 2022 when user interaction on the internet proliferates, bigCommerce is an excellent website builder for your Ecommerce website development.

Benefits of BigCommerce:

  • BigCommerce offers a lot of tools and features for your online shop.
  • It has several built-in features than other competitor websites.
  • The most scalable Ecommerce website builder on the net.
  • Offers SEO tools that help online shops rank high on the Google page.
  • Gives unlimited file storage, bandwidth, and products.
  • Connect your shop with other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
  • Combine your shop with Google shopping, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Large gateway for payments like Amazon pay, PayPal, etc.

Drawbacks of BigCommerce:

  • It is a little challenging to use because of its complex technical terms.
  • Supports large businesses. If you want to sell less than 20 products, bigCommerce will not be your choice.

2. Wix:

Wix is the best ecommerce Website builder used by thousands of business platforms. It is a platform known for its understandable and accessible process automation.

However, it is the best platform for the one starting from scratch. Wix gives a complete eCommerce solution for your website.

Benefits of Wix:

  • Give 20GB storage and unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Provide 1-year free Domain name.
  • high security for payments
  • Professional editing on your website pages
  • Easy to use and understandable features.
  • It gives you a drag and drops option
  • Mobile responsive website.

Drawbacks of Wix:

  • Not accessible on the App store
  • Little bit expensive
  • Don’t notify when stock is getting down on your website.

3. Shopify:

Shopify is a website builder trusted by millions of business entrepreneurs. The best thing to hook up to Shopify is its beautiful and fascinating designs. Moreover, Shopify gives access to helpful marketing tools.

In fact, Shopify gives the more than 100 best templates for your website. That helps you thrive in your business and increase your customers and sales.

Benefits of Shopify:

  • Give access to the website on mobile devices so that a user can shop from mobile easily.
  • Allow you to customize your websites according to your wishes.
  • Provide a website to sell unlimited products.
  • Access to App store, give customers support tools.
  • Offer manual order creation
  • Analyze the fraud
  • Create discount codes

Drawbacks of Shopify:

  • The URL structure of Shopify is not SE0- friendly.
  • The language option is not so perfect.
  • You have to pay transaction fees.

4. Squarespace:

Squarespace website builder comes with a universal style editor, lots of tools, and templates for your eCommerce website.

However, Squarespace has award-winning designs that are specifically designed for websites. It also provides a video animation option. Moreover, give bundles of offers to customers.

Benefits of Squarespace:

  • It gives professional branding options.
  • Excellent inventory system.
  • Have a template for every device such as desktop, mobile tablets, etc.
  • Provide you the space to restore the deleted data within 30 days.

Drawbacks of Squarespace:

  • It is a bit complex to use because of its advanced tools and features.
  • Costly pricing offers
  • Not many marketing tools
  • No third-party add-ons

5. Zyro:

Zyro has been a fantastic growing website builder platform since 2019. One of the things about Zyro is that it uses artificial intelligence tools and includes AI Heatmap plus Al writer.

More than thousands of websites are published through Zyro. However, if you want to create an excellent home for your website, you can use Zyro designs to flourish your online shop.

Benefits of Zyro:

  • They provide an Ecommerce platform and blogs
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Artificial intelligence tools for the website’s name, logo, and slogans.
  • Give live chat option on Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Manage shipping and tax money.
  • Offer free domain name.
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Showcase your products on Amazon.
  • Use other sites, Instagram and Facebook, as marketing stores.

Drawbacks of Zyro:

  • The drawback of Zyro is it is tricky for a beginner
  • It is not fast enough
  • Don’t possess advanced features.

6. Weebly:

Weebly is similar to Wix. It is best for small businesses owners. The features available on Weebly are helpful for beginners only.

Moreover, it helps you to include membership, translation, and language on the website. If you are starting your business, then give Weebly a try.

Benefits of Weebly:

  • It helps with website functioning speed.
  • The editor is simple to use.
  • Give flexibility in designing.
  • Content management is fantastic.

Drawbacks of Weebly:

  • Blog tools are limited
  • Language support system is limited
  • Only for beginners.

7. 3DCart:

As stated by an animated video production agency, 3DCart is a complete solution for advanced users that want complete control over their website. Moreover, 3DCart gives an opportunity to physical and digital products.

Therefore, 3DCart is a hosted platform so you don’t have to worry about downloading heavy software, etc.

Benefits of 3DCart:

  • It supports the sale of 25 products till 2000.
  • Provides impressive features to its customers
  • Give relief in selling and payment options.
  • Easy blogging option

Drawbacks of 3DCart:

  • Doesn’t support team collaboration
  • Limited free plans
  • Not so beginner-friendly because of the complex built-in features.
  • Advanced plans are expensive.

8. Volusion:

Volusion is a robust website builder with strength because of its backend features. Moreover, the owner of a small business can fully trust Volusion.

In fact, Volusion is the best sales management web builder and with the most beneficial technical support system. On the other hand, Volusion consists of two versions one is Volusion and the second is VOLT.

VOLT is the more preferable because of its advanced technology and designs.

Benefits of Volusion:

  • Require no transaction fees
  • Simple in inventory management.
  • Give access to social media marketing
  • Provide Gross Merchandise volume space up to 50,000 per year

 Drawbacks of Volusion:

  • Not many options to customize the website.
  • To make changes, Volusion needs developer support
  • They don’t have many advanced features.

9. Big Cartel:

Big Cartel is known because of its aesthetic and clean website, tools, features, and designs. The customers of Big Cartel say that using it is hazel free. Moreover, it gives up to 3000 products liberty to sell.

In spite, it offers the four best offers you can avail according to your needs and requirements. The best thing about Big cartel is it provides a variety of templates for websites.

Benefits of Big Cartel:

  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Easy uploads images and descriptions.
  • Data analytics tools
  • Several payment methods.
  • Inventory and shipping management are pretty impressive.

Drawbacks of Big Cartel:

  • Not many designs available for websites
  • Doesn’t offer blogging features.
  • Pricing is a bit higher compared to the feature and tools offered.

10. Magento:

The Magento is a self-hosting ecommerce platform. Magento is a place for coding lovers. It handles complex data and is not so suitable for beginners to use.

Although, it focuses on developers rather than built-in features. So It can be challenging for someone to use it. However, you know coding then Magento is the right choice.

Benefits of Magento:

  • A lot of customization options
  • Gives complete control over the store
  • Allow you to improve the content, and designs, according to users
  • Deep analysis of business sales.

Drawbacks of Magento:

  • So complicated for the user who doesn’t have the knowledge of coding
  • Costly for small business

11. X-Cart:

X-Cart includes all of the features you’ll need to establish your online store. It is one of the most famous blog systems and has incredible design templates.

Moreover, it connects with Hubspot, Bronto, etc., on your website. It enables the business to increase their business sale through appealing and fascinating designs.

Benefits of Xcart:

  • Many payment options.
  • Different designs for web pages
  • Easy to customize websites.

Drawbacks of Xcart:

  • Offers costly deals
  • No advance templates available for websites
  • Updating process can cause interface fuzzy
  • Advance technology is cost.

12. Square Online Store:

Lastly, the Square Online store is an easy website builder platform. The square online store helps the business increase by using its unique features and tools.

However, it is for those who don’t want to be delicate and straightforward rather than complex and complicated.

Benefits of Square online store:

  • Very pocket-friendly website builder.
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Best for beginners
  • Use POS

Drawbacks of Square online store:

  • It is not for developers
  • Not many customization options
  • Additional fees

Wrapping up:

With the help of this article, you will be able to select the best option for your online store. However, many online website templates are available if you don’t want to waste your time choosing and developing the websites.

It’s 2022, and you have to run in this race if you want to succeed. People are more buying from online stores than wasting time and money traveling and finding the product. So avail this opportunity and reach your goals. Choose wisely and enjoy.