7 Best Drill Bits for Hardened Steel


Best Drill Bits for Hardened Steel: Do you know What’s the best drill bit for hardened steel? The best DIY life hack you can teach yourself is to learn how to use Drill Bits. It might get a little confusing to decide where to start. In that case, what can be more useful than knowing to drill by yourself? Well, the drill is a multitasking tool. It helps you to perform a lot of household tasks or complete your science projects or create artifacts.

It is quite a good investment, indeed. These skills will beneficiate you throughout your lifetime. If you are learning to drill, it’s best to start by knowing to drill hardened steel. Why is it so? Because once if you are an expert at drilling strong metals like hardened steel, you can drill through any other object. Are you ready to know all the facts about drilling hardened steel? Are you ready to identify the drill bits needed to drill through hardened steel? Let’s start.

Basic Steps For Drilling Hardened Steel

  1. The first step is, of course, identifying the material. You must know what type of steel you want to drill through—knowing how hard or soft the metal solves half of the problems you will face later.
  2. Once you have an idea about metal, the most important thing is to choose a drill bit. There are many types of drill bits in the market suitable for various metals. These drill bits also have different prices, durability, and flexibility. It would be best if you chose a drill bit that is suitable for hardened steel. It’s better to pick a drill bit that has a variable speed control. With this, you can drill through metals of different widths. Different metals require different speeds to drill through.
  3. Drilling will be much easier if there is lesser friction. And what can you do to reduce friction? Of course, by using a suitable lubricant. Using a drilling paste or oil will reduce friction. So, the heat buildup will be reduced. Drilling time is decreased as well.
  4. The final and foremost step is to apply appropriate pressure. All of your efforts will go in vain if you cannot apply the right amount of pressure. Using low pressure will increase drilling time. On the other hand, using too much pressure will increase undesired heat buildup.

Ideal Design of Drilling Bit For Hardened For Steel

Drill bit for hardening steel is required to be speedy and precise. These drilling bits should be light and strong, easy to be held, and comfortable for the arm anatomy. The operator can feel tired and uncomfortable while managing a handheld drilling machine. But this problem can be solved by using a carefully designed tool. Drilling through hardening steel is much more complicated than any other object. The most commonly used design for drilling generally narrows towards a point. You must know these are NOT suitable for drilling through hardened steel. Drill bits for hardened still must have specific characteristics like higher heat resistance or certain shapes with a blunt tip. These machines may or may not be sharpened. Drill bits for hardened steel must be of High-Speed Steel (HSS) type. The most commonly used drill bits for hardened steel are made of cobalt and steel mixture. Besides, the titanium drill bit is often used. 

Cobalt or Titanium Which One to Pick

You know what? Cobalt and Titanium, both drill bits, can be used for drilling through hardening steel. Both have higher durability. Both are tough enough. In both, the drill bits designs are well enough to avoid overheating and reduce friction.

Cobalt drill bits are made of cobalt and steel mixture. This type of drill bit has no coating of Titanium in it. The amount of cobalt in the machine can vary. If the concentration of cobalt is higher, the machine can be a little fragile. But the higher heat resistance will make up for it. These bits are very suitable for tough and abrasive metal like hardened steel but can also be used for softer material with caution. These bits can also be sharpened. These come in golden color. So, you can easily separate them from other materials. The cost of cobalt drill bits is slightly higher than other drill bits, but the usability and durability make it even. The longevity of the cobalt drill bit beats any other machine.

Titanium drill bits have a steel core coated with Titanium carbonitride or titanium nitride. These machines are excellent for softer materials and work very well on tough material too. Besides these are relatively cheaper. Titanium drill bits can be sharpened, giving them an edge. But there is a little drawback of titanium drill bits. The titanium coating can erupt over time. It will affect their heat resistance.

So, which one to choose between these two types of drilling bit? Well, it depends on your budget mostly. If you can, the best way to go for Cobalt drilling bits for hardened steel. However, titanium drill bits are also used frequently.

Top Products: Best Drill Bits for Hardened Steel

If you want to pick the best drilling bits for hardened steel, you must know about the top-selling products on the market. You should also consider the features of the products before making a decision. Here is the list of top-selling drill bits for hardened steel: 

01# DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Drill Bit Set

It is one of the most popular drill bit sets all over the world. It is a 14 piece set that covers almost all the shapes and sizes needed in household tasks and industrial use. The core of this drill bit is made of industrial strength cobalt. It is very efficient in drilling through heavy metals like stainless steel. Pilot points give them an extra edge.


  • Highest Speed
  • Unique Pilot Point
  • Made from industrial strength Cobalt
  • Suitable for heavy metals
  • Relatively cheaper from other products of the same quality.

02# IRWIN 316015 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

It is a 15 piece set made of cobalt steel. Irwan builds this product. From the reputation of Irwan, we can say that the quality of this product is top-notch. If you are looking for the best drill bits, you must try this one of the products. Like the 316015, the 63221 drill bits got 135-degree split point. No need to put extra force using this drill bit. It also reduces feed pressure. 

You will love the design and will enjoy working with it. There are different sizes of bits in this pack. That will cover almost any kind of drill. You can do both household work or industrial tasks with this machine.


  • 135° split point
  • Reduced feed pressure for easy penetration
  • Made of M-42 5% cobalt high-speed steel. This helps to penetrate tough metals.
  • Heavy duty spiral flute design is excellent for massive works.
  • Comes with a metal index case.
  • Durability and longevity are incredibly high.

03# Drill America M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

There is a high chance that you did not hear about the manufacturer of this product. But this product came to this list because of its quality. M35 Cobalt drill is made with a high-quality design. They are extremely sharp and high performing.

You will get a 29 piece set. This set will cover your every need. Each piece is increased by 1/64 inch. You can trust the precision. There is also a gold oxide coating. It confirms high durability and lubrication.


  • Extended tool life when drilling hard material.
  • More size options for different kinds of works.
  • Acts like a new one when sharpened.
  • Better performance, considering the price range.

04# HYCLAT Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

This drill bit set is perfect for multitasking applications. It is a 5 piece set from Hyclate. This set is made for nearly all types of jobs you will perform. The set can be configured for 50 different sizes. This set has an impressive X-type opening and double cutting blades. It allows smooth drilling. You do not need to sharpen this over and over for clean holes. 


  • 5 Pcs step drill bits can be used in 50 sizes. Users do not need to change the drill bit constantly.
  • There is an automatic center punch.
  • High speed still with titanium coating confirms capability and durability for drilling holes in almost any kind of metal sheet.
  • You will get an automatic center punch, Aluminum Case, and 24 warranty.
  • Ideal for gifts.

05# Migiwata Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set

This drill set is not from a very well-known brand. But this set is excellent if you are on a budget. It is made with cobalt steel and molybdenum alloy. These bits are very resistant to heat. You can cut through iron, copper, and stainless steel. It should be mentioned that this is not suitable for high carbon steel and heat-treated steel. 


  • Can easily cut through cast iron and stainless steel.   
  • Resistant to heat, which is not tough to find at this price range.
  • You can center the quick cut point and drill through with lesser effort.
  • 1.5mm to 6.5mm bit sizes.

06# Bosch 9-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

It is very found to find a product that delivers excellent performance and a manageable price. But Bosch brought such a product which is perfect in performance at a low price. There is a cooling shield in the bits. It protects from heavy drilling. These bits generate less heat. This feature makes this set best for construction works.  


  • Tough bit designed by Bosch design provides 2X longer bit life.
  • Engineered for more accurate starts.
  • Designed for heavy and light gauge metal.
  • Can be used in hardwood applications and carbon steel.
  • Built with a cooling sheet to reduce friction.

07# Profi 7-Piece Drill Bit Set

We can assure you that you are going to love this 7 piece drill bit set. This set is compatible with many materials related to construction works. At first look, you may think that this set is not enough for you. But after taking an in-depth look, you will change your mind. This set has unbeatable performance. German car manufacturers use this drill bit set. You can trust them, don’t you? 


  • ¼” hex drills compatible.
  • Good material removal capacity comes from hardened surfaces.
  • Bits can reduce friction for inherited cooling shields.
  • Best choice for drill drivers and impact drivers.
  • 25 times durable than other HSS bits available in the market.
  • Premium surface hardness.

 Common Problems Faced In Drilling Through-Hardened Steel

  • One of the common problems that occur while drilling through hardened still is the drill machine’s dulling due to overheating. It may affect the longevity of the bit. This problem can be solved by reducing the friction with the aid of a proper lubricant. If friction is lesser, overheating will not occur. So dulling can be prevented. Putting a wood block under the steel might also help to reduce dulling.
  • Another problem that might occur if the size of the hole you want to create is smaller than your desired size. By putting an emery cloth in the hole, you can solve the problem. The cloth has to be put in a way that the abrasive side is on the inner side. Then you have to use the drill bit again through the hole to make it larger. This way, the noise produced by the machine will also be reduced. 
  • Handheld drill bits can be dangerous if not handled carefully. It would be best if you always were very careful while operating the machine. You can get injured if you are not cautious enough.

If you know these factors, drilling will seem fun to you. It is a little bit more complicated than drilling through any other object. But it can get much more comfortable with the proper tools. It can be said that Cobalt drill bits are the better choice in any condition. So, be a little careful, check all the facts, and you are ready to Drill.