6 Best Double Baby Carriers for Twins


Double Baby Carrier for Twins: It is unbelievable that the demand of Double Baby Carrier for Twins in the market has grown too much in the last few years! Carrying twins is obviously affected by the positive boom of single carriers in the market. However, the benefits of physical contact with the newborn in the first months of personal life are also influenced by the ongoing research.

It is clear that a twin carrier does not apply to everyone. Many practical reasons influence the experience of wearing this type of double baby, but now double carriers are becoming a more essential baby gear for twins. We review this with a variety of baby carriers. This is our effort to help you choose the best items.

1. TwinGo Baby Carrier, Double Baby Carrier for Twins

Instructions of Use: You can use this double baby carrier from 4.5kg (10Lb) up to 20.4kg (45Lb) when carried individually or up to 15.8 Kg (35Lb) each baby when used as double. You can also use this as option when it for only one child from 3.2 Kg with infant insert.

It is a splendor model of the structured twin’s carrier. This carrier consists of a model called base and a model called attachment. It is designed to be used with attachments and basic models in front and back together with a child. You can place two front or rear carriers for use with a single baby by attaching extra shoulder straps and a waist belt to the attachment to your advantage. Remember, the attachment can only be used with one child on the side.

There are three different models:

Original Model: Divides into two separate carriers and includes everything needed for use. It even has a useful pocket (in which it closes) to use as a nappy bag.

Air model: Exactly like the original model except for the front pocket. It features a mesh panel across the area, allowing the panel to be moved in the warmer months.

Light model: It does not include shoulder straps for individual use. It is light in weight and also slightly cheaper in price.

All types of models include two slip hoods that support the neck and head for use. Also a practical sliding chest strap included to accommodate the carrier, that especially for small people or children.

When the baby weighs 4.5 kg (10Lb), the Twingo can be used in front of the carrier. But at the front you can carry a baby from 3.2 kg (7Lb) alone if you buy the baby insert. That means using the Twingo career as two independent careers in the early days.

You can use it on the back until the baby is 4+ months old. Because, then they will be able to control their head / neck and keep them outside. And if you want to use the carrier for a single baby, the baby must weigh up to 20.4 kg (45Lb). When using the carrier with two babies, each baby should not weigh more than 15.8 kg (35Lb).

One size fits most: The waistband made as 26-100 inches and the shoulder straps are 4’11 ″ c-6’5 to fit easily with the parents. In order to be able to divide the waistband into two waistbands according to the convenience, it has been designed differently in a very perfect way. For example, it is important to carry two children of different ages or weights.  So that a good weight can be distributed.


  • This carrier can be used with one child or two.
  • The career can be used by two different people separately.
  • Opportunity to carry a child in 4 different positions: 1 child in front of you and 1 child in your back, you can carry only 1 in the front and only 1 in the back and only 1 buttocks.
  • No age is considered to use it. It may be used with children of different ages.


  • Costly at Price
  • You have to wait until one is ~4 months old if you want to use 2 babies together (front and back).

2. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Double Baby Carrier for Twins

Keep your twin children with this dumb wrap carrier. Although it is designed for Bubba, many happy parents are using it for their twin children. When your twins are in it, they will both be beautiful. It works by every baby sitting on either side of your chest. Stuck with your body. But it will take some time to get used to this career and if you do not have any help then getting in and out of them can be a bit of a challenge for you!

We think your little one will love it all year round for material reasons. Because it is stretched and breathable, but still warm. So whether it is summer or winter, your children will feel comfortable in it. This double baby carrier comes in a variety of color options. As a result, you can find the color that matches the clothes of your choice! Use the washing and drying machine following the care label instructions.

If you do not know the rules of restraint, you can carry one child at a time anyway. There is a way to tie the child in this career. Depending on the wrapping estimate. When you follow the wrapping instructions, you can create an ergonomic carrier that will help develop a healthy hip.

This wrapping carrier is suitable for babies weighing seven to 35 pounds. The combined weight should not exceed 35 pounds if you use it with twins.


  • Usually suitable for one or two babies.
  • It is available in many color options.
  • The fabric is breathable and machine washable.
  • It is healthy for the development of the baby’s buttocks.


  • Tying twins without anyone’s help is a challenge.
  • It is a little warmer in warmer weather than usual.

3. Weego Twin Carrier, Double Baby Carrier for Twins

This double baby career is suitable from the beginning of the baby’s birth. With this adorable career you can keep your young twin children close to each other.

This Carrier Weight Guide: Baby Weight Guide from 4 Pounds it is also ideal for older children. The career is designed to make babies feel like they are still in their mother’s womb. What a relief!

The Weego Twin Carrier sling is designed for use with children until the combined weight of the baby and the sling are about 33 pounds. Of course, this weight depends on the actual size of the baby. So, if your plan is that you will not carry them for more than six months. So this career is definitely a great option.

The design of this carrier is quite simple, it has two pouches on the front and two fasteners on the back. The pouches look like heated bottle bags. So, the pouches allow your kids proper posture and movement.

If you want to take a break, this career will be a great tool for you. As all mothers do. If you think the kids have minimal trouble, you can remove the sling and send it to your partner who can easily slip it.


Three detachable bib sets are included to protect the upper part of the carrier.

  • Zippers, snaps and velcro are attached for safety reasons.
  • If necessary, it is possible at machine wash and dry.
  • Items made of cotton twill, composite polyester and cotton are readily available in the market.


  • Internal facing only.
  • Not available the user’s manual, to be depended on online or video only.
  • Not compatible for twins whose combined weight is over 33 pounds.

4. TwinTrexx 2 Baby Carrier, Double Baby Carrier for Twins

If you want to use your double baby career in multiple ways, you have the opportunity to use it. It has the option of facing forward, inward-facing, using your buttocks to your liking and even as a single carrier.

It is not as aesthetically pleasing as the markets running carrier, but it seems a bit simple. Even then you have to evaluate it through its work.

However, you should know that it can hold approx combined weight of 50 pounds.

The actual container is also padded to reduce the pressure on the shoulders when carrying heavy children and for the comfort of the children.

Waist / chest band with laces and adjustable shoulder straps. Stays securely attached. Extra pops are fitted to the waist band to protect the carrier from slipping off your shoulders. Because if it slips from the shoulder, the baby may fall.

You can easily remove the straps as per your requirement. Your partner, sister, cousin or anyone else will be able to use it at any time due to the consistent fastening of the straps. It’s an excuse to give kids to someone else, it’s an excuse to take a break on your back.

According to the comfort of your little wrigglers, the seat section of Carrier for them is pleasant and wid. This is allowing for optimal tushy positioning.


  • Career as a child / individual can be separated with care as needed.
  • Made of lightweight material.
  • Possible to fasten in five different positions.


  • Clipping buckles together can be complicated if used as a double carrier.

5. Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier, Double Baby Carrier for Twins

Another alternative item to place both babies in front is the Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier. It has two separate soft structured carriers supported by comfortable straps that allow your twins to sit right and left. To support the kids. The double baby carrier provided with adequate room and padding and the children have no difficulty in moving their arms and legs.

Can be moved and adjusted in different positions. This is one of the great features of this career. You can wear the carrier with a backpack or cross straps for extra support. It has extra bark to spread the baby’s weight around the back.

In addition to plastic and synthetic fibers, soft twill cotton fabric has been used for the bark. Because cotton is breathable and light and does not get hot in summer. It is also easy to clean up if an accident ever occurs.

Malishastik baby carriers are perfect for babies between 10 and 35 pounds. Its maximum weight bearing capacity for both children is 60 pounds. If you ever want to split the career into two, it can be adjusted for just one child. This is the ultimate advantage of these available carriers.


  • Use instructions attached to it.
  • It’s within your purchasing power, never breaking your budget.
  • How comfortable both mom and baby love it!


  • It has no head support for the comfort of children.
  • Unlike many twin slings, it cannot be divided into separate carriers.
  • It can be quite difficult to use without the help of another user.

6. Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Carrier, Double Baby Carrier for Twins

The Staff4 Multiples Twin career is one of the most popular choices for new parents and for this reason it is called Twingaroo. This allows busy couples to carry diaper bags side by side to carry both their children. While the diaper bag has extra space for wipes, bottles, blankets, toys and anything else you need while traveling.

The twin carriers are combined structural and built in backpack style. So that, one child easily sits in the front pocket and the other child rests in a separate pocket in the back. These carriers have wide cushions to support the baby and there is enough space for the baby’s legs and arms to peek out and stay free. There is also enough support for the head.

The Tingaru carrier is made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers for maximum softness and durability. It can be easily cleaned. As a result, you will not have any problem in dropping or deleting puck. Adjustable backpack straps are used throughout the carrier to ensure that the baby’s weight is adequately distributed over the wearer’s shoulders. This is a tested item for safe use by children weighing 10 to 35 pounds. It can even be used for some newborns as well as older children.

Twingaroo is one of the safest options available to securely hold the carrier around your waist and torso. This is because it includes extra protection straps. You have an extra pocket for holding your personal phone and keys, as well as two heated bottle holders. All of these pieces are easy to access when you wear the carrier.


  • Allowable for extra area for diaper storage.
  • Chamber for baby bottles.
  • Cleaning very easy.
  • Lightweight and soft.
  • Having extra safety option for different sizes babies.


  • Converting straps are not attached of the carrier. You have to order separately at the time of purchase.

How to Choose the Right Double Baby Carrier for Twins:

Children’s clothing is their choice, really personal issue. In that case, how can we help you with such a personal matter?

In this case, we have gained experience by exchanging views with many parents. We have done research by exchanging views with the parents of many twin children and also gaining experience from different media at home and abroad. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of different careers.

We created enough experience for you to highlight the advantages of different models and what would be most suitable at different situations. While we may not be able to guess your personal preferences, but we can help you reflect on what is relevant to you.

To make the right choice of double baby carrier for twins you have to consider bellow questions:

When you want to start using baby carriers for twins?

One thing you should think about before you decide to buy a double carrier is when the carrier can be used. Most baby carry wrappers and newborn baby slings can be used from birth. Even then some structured carriers usually have more limitations and instruct you to wait until the baby reaches the minimum weight or is able to support the neck. Once you make this decision you can focus your selection on the first or second list or you can get both your baby shower gift for twins!

Do you think that you should use it?

Firstly it would seem that this is a silly question. In fact it is not, it can be a careful analysis and a completely different choice. Many twins are born prematurely or at least earlier than usual. In this case, it is often seen that the parents consider the twin career of carrying them. This career will help in an incredible way to give all the babies who have not completed the mature pregnancy. This is a opportunity to spend the first months in close contact with their mother and father’s body and adapt to their new world.

In all these cases you have to focus on the second list carrier.

In the second list you will find that Boba wrap and NuRoo pocket are adapted single carriers for twins, which can be used from birth. The inner environment of the carrier makes it suitable for the skin. For those children who need to spend time in NICU, NuRoo Pocket is very useful for them. This is because it is worn like a normal T-shirt and it prevents you from walking around half-naked. So it is very popular with fathers.

The first list carriers designed for twins. Weego Twin Carrier can be used from the moment children weigh 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs). But to use other carriers you have to wait for the baby to reach at least 3 kg.

If you plan for long-term use during your travels, do not start traveling before the baby is 4 months old. Because in that case the best career like Twingo Carrier or Malishastik 4 in 1 may be your best option.

How much physical energy do you have?

An important point is that it is generally observed that, a baby should weigh about 7/8 kg (average 15/17 lbs) in about 6 months. Determining exactly how your body will react in this situation is a difficult task. So, considering the weight gain of the baby you really need to consider a structured career. In this case the Malishastisk 4 in 1 or Twingo carrier distributes the weight of the baby in front and back. Together the advice is, you can start with a baby wrap for the first few months if you want and move on to a structured career later.

Therefore, if you plan to use the baby carrier a lot at the time of traveling with your partner, you should consider two completely independent baby careers to suit your individual preferences.

How long have you been planning to use it, only the first few months or as long as possible?

Babywear Multiple does not apply to everyone, but offers advice of choice as needed. You often have to travel alone or have a small child to look after. Or you may not be able to rely on the help of family and friends during epidemics or COVID time. At that time the item often became the solution of choice for parents. In this case, if you do not want to invest a little more with the Weego carrier, the best plan is to start with a baby wrap like a dumb wrap. If you become accustomed to carrying your twin children with a dumb wrapper, then you can invest a little more in the Twingo baby carrier and distribute the baby’s weight better.

The latest and most important helpful tip:

If you want to buy a baby carrier for temporary use from the first few days. You do not want to be frustrated, even you will need another one after few months. So we tell you, don’t worry. Many expensive baby products that have a short lifespan are sold really well in second hand shops. You can make up for the loss by selling the first carrier and the financial part of the next one as per your requirement.