3 Best Cordless Drill Under 100 | Under $100 Buying Guide


1. Black & Decker 20V-MAX Cordless Drill With Accessories

No list of the cordless drills would be complete without a minimum of one entry from the long-standing United States tool producer, Black & Decker.

Like the Kimo, the Black & Decker 20V includes a range of brad point drill bits in addition to numerous screw-driving bits and nut drivers.

It’s one of the most inexpensive best cordless drills that can stand the test of time while being one of the most lightweight & compact. When supervised), this makes it ideal for a household of DIY lovers as it’s simple enough for kids to handle safely.

Its lithium-ion batteries can carry a charge for up to 18 months, while the 20V power means it’s as skilled at heavy homesteading tasks as it is at smaller functions around your house. It’s efficient in its power usage and features an LED light so you can work precisely even in a bad light.

With a two-year guarantee, this is one of the best cordless drills for under $100, although more matched to the infrequent Do It Yourself user than a devoted homesteader as it does not have the sturdiness of the higher-end cordless drills.

2. Makita XFD131 18V Brushless Cordless Drill

A leading maker of power tools, Makita hardly ever produces anything listed below par, and the Makita XFD131 18V is no exception. It packs a severe punch despite having less voltage than the DeWalt; however, you’ll pay for that in muscle power, lugging around over seven pounds worth of drill will soon see your biceps bulging.

The Makita XFD131 nonetheless takes advantage of a compact design and is flexible enough that you can use it for woodwork, plumbing, metalwork, heating and ventilation systems, and electrical tasks.

It takes two times as long to charge as the DeWalt, but its shock-absorbing features secure the motorist battery, offering you an even higher lifespan.

As with Makita products, the cost can be prohibitive and, if you try to find the best cordless drill for under $100, this isn’t even in the running. It comes with the very same three-year service warranty as to the DeWalt, but without the range of devices, you’ll find with the Teccpo.

Although a high-quality item, the Makita has an unnerving wobble that reduces precision and increases the danger of injury. It’s nonetheless effective and up there with the finest cordless drills.

3. Kimo-20V Variable Speed Impact Drill Set With Battery

The Kimo 20V is another of the very best cordless drills for under 100 with more bells & whistles than a carnival procession.

This drill includes 33 various screw driving bits and three brad point drill bits to stop that roaming experience. Three different cleaning brushes transform the Kimo from woodworker to domestic helper.

More compact than a lot of the best cordless drills, Kimo offers you both ease of gain access and the power you need to finish the job once in situ.

With the 3/8″ chuck, Kimo provides users higher device compatibility and more adaptability. The auto spindle lock makes for quick, one-handed changes. You may move between screwing metal to drilling wood almost perfectly.

Weighing in at simply over 5 pounds, Kimo remains in the middle of the road regarding weight. However, its belt clips imply it’s easier to carry around and easier for ladder work.

Being a little more expensive than the Teccpo, Kimo is, however, an excellent item for the rate, specifically if you’re searching for a tool that can do more than drill holes.

Best Cordless Drill Under 100 Buyer’s Guide

What Is the very best Cordless Drill?

Suppose you’re searching for the very best cordless drill for jobs around the homestead. In that case, you require something with a little bit more power and durability than the typical DIY lover, which is why we selected the resistant DeWalt cordless drill as our leading option.

While the Makita cordless drill loads a similar punch, it does not fall into the category of the finest cordless drills under 100, so you’ll need to hand over extra money for this one.

Speed and Speed Settings

Feel the requirement for speed?

The finest cordless drills have various speeds for different functions so, with the DeWalt, you can pick the lower rate and get greater torque which will make driving in screws a lot simpler. For drilling, the greater speed is ideal.

The Skil is among a couple of in this cost variety to use variable speeds, which are trigger-controlled. While this might sound like music to your ears, the trigger is selective, and trying to get a slower pace requires a lightness of touch few of us can master.


Deciding for a lighter version of the very best cordless drill does not necessarily suggest compromising on power. However, the most lightweight cordless drill we’ve reviewed, the Skil, is also the least powerful.

On the other hand, the DeWalt is a lightweight, compact tool with plenty of power and the adaptability you require to work with sturdy products like masonry, metal, and hardwood.

Personally, the much heavier choices, like the Makita and the Teccpo, are not practical unless you like carrying that sort of weight around.

Work Light

You can’t always forecast where or when you’ll need your cordless drill and, if you have a drilling urgency in the dead of night or require to perform a fast repair job in the basement, some type of illumination is essential.

Almost all the best cordless drills have LED lights of some description. The DeWalt takes it to a level with a three-mode LED that consists of a spotlight mode and an automated shutoff function.


Of our best cordless drill under 100, just the Black & Decker and the Kimo come with a 3/8-inch chuck. 


With the most recent innovations in battery technology, there’s little to pick in between the best cordless power drills regarding battery runtime/lifespan. While both the Skil & the Kimo have fast-charging abilities, the DeWalt is remarkable to both, reaching a full charge in simply 30 minutes.


Similar to fashion accessories, I tend to avoid tools with a host of included bonuses. It makes me suspicious that they’re attempting to conceal some primary failing.

Having said that, if you want your cordless drill to be a little an all-rounder, then something like the Black & Decker or the Kimo is right up your street. These guys come with pockets filled with bits and brushes, turning your cordless drill into the equivalent of a substantial Swiss Army knife.

Service warranty

A three-year guarantee is pretty much a requirement amongst the very best cordless drills, with both DeWalt and Makita providing restricting service warranties for that duration.

Teccpo and Black & Decker aren’t quite so generous, with one and two-year service warranties, respectively. The Skil exceeds all expectations with its extraordinary five-year service warranty.