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Belgium v England Preview: Bronze medal is now the lowest for Meunier

St. Petersburg, July 13: Thomas Menaria, who won England’s bronze medal, said the minimum requirement for Belgium in the 2018 World Cup is now the lowest.

Roberto Martinez’s team lost 1-0 in the 1-0 1-0 against France in the semi-finals of St. Petersburg.

After Argentina’s defeat in the 2014 quarter-finals and in Euro 2016 in Venice, it is more frustrating for the so-called ‘golden generation’ at the biggest stage.

This World Cup will be Belgium’s second-third place, in 1986, against France, they lost 4-2, and Mayuiyar wanted England to defeat England in the 1-0. Group level

“We have defeated England at the group stage, so now we can defeat them”

The defender said at a news conference.

“The winner is not an obligation, we want this third place is now the lowest. Do not waste its time, it’s a game we want to play.”

On Wednesday (July 11th) at the Luiginiic Stadium, the opening batsman Kiran Triplea’s open batsman Ivan Perisic and Mario Mandjukic lost the game to England from the hands of Croatia.

Three Lions defeated West Germany in penalties in their previous four matches in 1990 and then defeated Italy by 2-1 goals in the bronze match.

Defender Gary Kahill admits that this is a strange game that is going to be confronted with disappointment in Moscow, but he hopes that victory will help win a more positive attitude next to Gareth Southgate.

“This is a very strange game because it is a fixture for two teams coming behind a disappointment, but there is a game and we need to play it,” said Chelsea people,

“We have lost a little bit to stop second-to-last but, as a team, should be very proud of ourselves and for me, to see that young team, we should think about our future.”


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