BEE Registration Process in 2022 | BEE Certification Process in India By Professional Consultants

BEE Registration

The Government of India founded the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to get BEE Registration. On 1st March 2002 under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The mission of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is to help in developing policies and methods with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles, within the framework of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 with the first objective of reducing the energy intensity of the Indian economy.

BEE’s Function

In performing the functions given to it under the Energy Conservation Act, BEE coordinates with designated customers, designated agencies, and other organizations, recognizing, identifying, and utilizing current resources and infrastructure. The Energy Conservation Act regulates and promotes energy conservation.

The following are some of BEE’s major promotional functions:

  1. Raise awareness of energy efficiency and conservation and spread information.
  2. Arrange for and coordinate training for personnel and specialists in energy efficiency and conservation measures.
  3. Enhance consulting services in the area of energy conservation
  4. Encourage development and research
  5. Establish protocols for testing and certification, as well as promote testing facilities.
  6. Develop pilot and demonstration projects and make them easier to undertake.
  7. Encourage the use of low-energy processes, equipment, devices, and systems.
  8. Take steps to encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment or appliances by giving them preferred consideration.
  9. Encourage creative funding for energy efficiency projects.
  10. Provide financial assistance to organizations that promote energy efficiency and conservation.
  11. Develop an educational curriculum on energy efficiency and conservation.
  12. Implement international cooperation programs in the areas of energy efficiency and conservation.

Eligibility Criteria for BEE Registration in India

You must first determine whether you are eligible for required or voluntary BEE certification before applying.

Some items are on the BEE mandatory product list, while others are on the BEE voluntary product list, according to the BEE star rating requirements. But, rather than making things more complicated, here’s a list of products that demand your entire attention:

1. Refrigerator: 

When individuals look for an answer to the query, “How can I receive a star rating for my refrigerator,” they are usually looking for this product. The refrigerator with the highest BEE star rating is the most sought after due to its high energy usage. The technique for determining the energy rating of a refrigerator, on the other hand, is the most difficult. It’s for a variety of reasons, one of which is that star ratings for frost-free refrigerators and ordinary refrigerators would require different testing standards.

2. Air Conditioner: 

Aside from the refrigerator, the air conditioner was the first product to receive a star rating. To achieve a BEE 5 star ac rating, you must manufacture your product with the following criteria in mind.

3. Ceiling Fan:

With BEE Registration, you may easily give them a ceiling fan with a BEE 5 star rating.

The ones described above are the most frequent, however, there are a few others that require a star rating:

  1. Star rating for tubular fluorescent lamps     
  2. Star rating for room air conditioners
  3. Star rating for distribution transformer        
  4. Star rating for cassette          
  5. Star rating for floor standing tower  
  6. Star rating for ceiling
  7. Star rating for corner AC       
  8. Star rating for AC    
  9. Star rating for direct cool refrigerator         
  10. Star rating for electric geysers          
  11. Star rating for color TV        
  12. star rating for inverter ac      
  13. star rating for led bulbs         
  14. star rating for induction motors        
  15. star rating for agricultural pump sets           
  16. star rating for ceiling fans     
  17. star rating for domestic LPG stoves  
  18. star rating for washing machine       
  19. star rating for computer        
  20. star rating for notebook        
  21. star rating for laptops
  22. star rating for ballast 
  23. star rating for the printer
  24. star rating for copier 
  25. star rating for scanner           
  26. star rating for MFD    
  27. star rating for diesel engine  
  28. star rating for solid-state inverters   
  29. star rating for diesel generator         
  30. star rating for chillers
  31. star rating for microwave ovens       
  32. star rating for solar water heaters

So, these are the items that require your whole attention.


BEE Registration in India:

To be certified with a BEE Star Rating, the manufacturer(s) must complete the tests and documentation required by BEE India.

Send the sample(s) and technical documents to a NABL-accredited lab for testing, and then look for the test results.

Compile the required paperwork and register the Brand on the BEE portal, together with the payment of the protection deposit cost online.