Bajaj Finance, Tata Elxsi, Usha Martin 52-week height in the NSE


Stocks spread over 52-week highs in NSE Tuesday Trade. It includes ESTC IndustriesNSE 1.50 %, Bajaj Finance, First Source Solutions, Infosys, Tata Elxsi, Usha Martin and VIP Industries NSA 1.50%.

By 11 pm, 10 stocks in the NSE hit 52-week highs.

But, in the NSE, there are more than 30 Stratus transactions in more than 52 weeks of life. That is including Arrow Greentech, Golden Tawko, Indiabulls Integrated Services and Indian Finance Capital Finance.

Because of the strong tendency of Asia, as investors come forward to publish large economic data. The turnover in the stock market has increased.

IP data for share trading in IP, Firm, Financial, Bank, and Auto stock exchanges and CPI inflation for April. It has risen earlier after the market closed, the stock increased.

NSE's Nifty index increased by 38 points to 10,825 points, and the BSE's index rose by 142 points to 35625 points.