Automobile Sector and its Advancement with Different Era of Time

Automobile sector

The automobile sector revolution was the biggest revolution after world war I one it’s the very unique and sudden change of human history, this innovation turns all human life like a go gift about which no one think before, the formation of industrialization began in the late eighteen century.

At the beginning of the nineteen-century steel and electrical combination in industrialization play an important role and this was the start of the big revolution of human life, where Mr. Henry Fords’ first invent the automobile which was never before that time in history, in history has a minor twist the first engine was invented by the German engineer with the name of Nicolaus Otto in the late eighteen hundred century.

1. Stage First

The nineteenth century is the era where most historical was going to begin the innovation at that time already hit the world and many of big investors were ready to in to get a big advantage from the available opportunity which will go to hit records in coming days, so the ford motors company formed and many investors were happy with it because many successful models are hitting to market of united states at that time Japan Motors industries has no name even in coping only the American automobile sector were on top of the edge.

2. Stage Second

The most expensive model T was on the roads it has some common options which relatively still present in the current cars, so it was much more comfortable and easy to drive, it has updated steering compare to the old model with brakes, which allow more people to learn and drive that is the very charming and appealing for the people at that time that was the reason it becomes most popular at that time, further the popularity offer mass production which pushes to American industry in a new era of parts development sub industrialization, which began part production in very cheap price which means at that time automobile carrying become easier for the people.

3. Stage Third

As the sales were increased ford reduces the price of model T, at that time approximately half of the cars on road were Model T of ford company due to its popularity and new learning module after the automobile sector began to work on new models and introduce model A by the ford company, where that rapid changes created a big opportunity for the whole world and worldwide industrialization of the automobile is like to have peace of cake, as the ford were the leader so ford automobile introduced first proper assembly line concept which was the clicking idea for the whole world industries.

4. Stage Four

Before the assembly line concept mostly workers were involved in the different tasks associated with the production of cars but as ford motors introduced the assembly line concept all the workers were moved to a systematic process where they had to work only on specific areas mean repetitions of work on different production unit due to this workers performance and accuracy increased and its effected on overall production output as this idea were like wildfire for the ford motors high production unit leads to the high and fast sale which causes more cost reduction of automobile and that technology and technique still alive in automobile sectors.

5. Pool of Automobile sector

After the great enhancement in the technology and production of automobiles many countries created a pool for the technological shift intra and external trade began between the countries which leads more demand in production and parts and also pushing new investors to add some new companies to get fast and good profit margins form the latest growing industries, many of business communities copy production line and techniques for the opening of new companies in their countries when in America, in the top of the shift Japan Motors play an important role in the technological introduction after the united states of America.

6. Technological Change

 As many companies come into the one pool of automobile production invites to offer competition within the best price so many automobile sectors began their research on the advancement of existing functions and to introduce some new options to the market which will help to get more people or customer attention after all the main target of all companies were to survive with the good name and to earn a good profit as fast as possible, because high sales mean more money rotation and goof fund flow leads to fast research and new technological use in the upcoming models of the different car manufacturers at that time in twenties many companies already doing their best in the market no any single brand monopoly remain, monopoly at that time possible when company comes up with some extraordinary functions or options.

7. Japan Motors

In the late twenties the Japan Motors industry introduce them as a new market leader to the world they add the massive changes in the automobile industry like seating and spacing in the car with different comfort styles, display area beauty, and informative design, lighting, and beauty of cars, smart air conditioning to make travel more comfortable and easy, as Japanese engineers are very smart and clever they identify the common desire of the drivers and add it to automobile industry which was the second big revolution in the history which Japan Motors introduces to the automobile sector.

8. Never ending the war

As in the current era, many automobile manufacturers like Japan Motors and others are at war with different brands to introduce fast and new technologies to the market and be a leader some are making fuel-efficient, some are making high speed cars, some are making more comfortable cars, some are making most beautiful cars, so that war has no end in near future until unless technological revolution adds totally different transportation mode to the market because in the world only innovation and technology has the power to shift the whole industry to a new path without it industries keep same track for the long run, but as Japan Motors is the leader now so have high chances to welcome big change in coming centuries.