Automatic Doors User Manual | Best Challenges For User

Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors

As we know challenges for all doors are the essential product for the entrance, exits, and separation for any usable location. Without doors, locations do not look good, and also unable to use it for different purposes. The concept of the door is not limited to separation only passing through it, another big use of it. There are many types of doors in the market now. Like manual doors, semi-automatic, and fully automatic doors.

Those doors are used for different purposes and can do different kinds of securities. But the location matters a lot when selecting the best door for you. Before selecting any kind of door for your location must need to check its connected negative side. From which you can understand either that kind of door is good for your location or not.

Further, the quality of the door matters a lot. the quality depends on the material as well so checking it is essential. When using something obviously its life reduces and it is same for the doors as well. The life of doors depends on the frequency of usage, the higher the frequency reducing the less life is. Furthermore other than the usage of doors many other things impact the door life. The issues which mostly unseen by the users. There are many other things involve which mostly reduce the life of the automatic doors.

Those things need to understand very smartly as if that gets to control the life will be long enough. Otherwise need to change the whole door which involves big costs. Some are the big challenges that should need to know before using automatic doors. The detail of the challenges is as follows which need to understand very clearly to enhance doors life. Otherwise need to compromise a lot when using any kind of automatic door.


1. Opening and Closing of the Door Challenge

Due to rough use or no good handling of the automatic doors, that can cause stopping of doors at any time. Sometimes the opening gets to stop and sometimes the closing gets to stop. Due to which users can face a big problem to pass from it. For that need to wait for the technical staff and that wait could belong. if the services of door installer are not good.

2. Incomplete Opening and Closing

Sometimes the door behaves abnormally due to rough usage or any issue in the hardware. Sometimes is not open properly or close properly for easy passing of people. In that condition not recommended to use it because it could be dangerous.

3. Motors Issues

Many times it has been observed that motors of automatic doors get burn very easily because of low-quality material. Most of the bad installer companies use those techniques to earn again with repairing services. In reality, they know that what material they are using at what price. But they do because they are not good professional people. 

4. Circuit Issue

In the automatic doors circuit setting and material matters a lot. If the circuit not fixes properly and the loss of wires exists so it has maximum chances of burnout. So, in automatic doors, circuit handling matters a lot for the long life of automatic doors.

5. Become Hard to Move

With the automatic doors, this is the big problem when it gets hard to move must need technical staff. Many reasons could be possible behind becoming hard to move. Because of this need, technical staff visits are mandatory. Most of the time that fault arrives due to power issues and equipment issues.

6. Locks Stuck

The locking system is the main issue in automatic doors. When all things are okay but the lock does not function well this is a big pitfall for the user. Lock stuck because of no proper maintenance and lubrication. As the locking system maintenance needs time and technical staff to handle it.

7. Sensor Not Work

Many time it has been observed that sensor does not work which cause stopping of the automatic function of doors. In automatic doors sensors working and sensing matter a lot because all systems are based on sensor input. Good performance of sensor means the good performance of doors.

8. Wiring Issue

The inside story of the automatic doors doesn’t know other than installers. The wiring of the automatic doors is the key area if the wiring is good and quality is up to the mark. That means longer life of the door. otherwise need to compromise with wire quality and need to repair it again and again.

9. Small Stone and Other Things in the Frame

The cleaning of the surrounded area of automatic doors is mandatory. The small pieces of stones and any kind of small animal inside the door frame can cause a big emergency. Because that can create issues in opening and closing of the door which is not easy to identify quickly. 

10. Lack of lubrication

For every door, lubrication is the key because many types of small dust and rust eliminate with this. The performance of the automatic door keep remains the same. The absence of lubrication causes dangerous sounds furthermore the door hanging issue could be increased.

11. Too much rush no waiting time

If the door is using at a place where too much rush passing on a daily basis and the quality of the door does not match this. In that condition, the automatic door get stops working. That means need to repair it or need to change it as per the location demand.

12. Losing of hardware

In any automatic thing which consists of hardware and different frames must need to check for loss. As losing of nay hardware first can impact on the performance and working, secondly can create chances of accidents. Losing is dangerous for the doors.

13. Abnormal opening and closing

Some time due to malfunctioning of hardware of the automatic doors they behave abnormally. Due to abnormal behavior from software or hardware, they begin to fast opening and closing. That is too dangerous for the user and the people who are using it. 

14. Take time to repair or replace

As an automatic door, if get in any fault. it takes too much time to repair or replace if the services of installing company are not good. Here must need to select a good and prestigious company like @Cortech for door installing and repairing services.