Apply Lotion to Back | 6 Simple Ways

Apply Lotion to Back
Apply Lotion to Back

When it comes to applying a body lotion to our back, then most of us are not able to do it alone. We usually need the help of others for applying lotion on the back. Here, we are going to tell you six different ways to complete this tedious job simply:

1. Invest In Back Lotion Applicator

If you have money for spending on a lotion application, then you should purchase it. Usually, the lotion applicator is a kind of tool which is integrated into which the wooden or plastic handle is integrated. The lotion applicator looks like a dish brush and back massager. You can apply any type of moisturizer with a lotion applicator. You can also apply the hemp therapy body cream with this applicator. 

2. Applying Lotion With Forearms

People with good shoulder mobility can use this technique for applying lotion to their back. It is a simple technique and it does not need any special kind of tool. First of all, apply a layer of the lotion on the top of the forearms (from the elbow to the knuckles.

After that, you should place your hands on your lower back and move your arms on your back in such a way that the lotion on your forearms transfers to your back. You should not use both forearms at once. You should use one arm at a time and gently apply lotion to your back.

3. Applying Lotion With Spatula

You should purchase a black spatula and apply the layer of lotion to it. You should purchase a special plastic spatula for applying lotion to your back. Apply a layer of body lotion or clear therapy body cream on your spatula. You should place the head of the spatula in the center of the back and start applying lotion by moving the spatula up and down.

You should use your hands to move the spatula in all possible directions. This plastic spatula will help you to easily apply lotion all over the back.

4. Use A Saran Wrap

You can use plastic wrap for moisturizing your back. You should start with taking out a large piece of saran wrap with the help of a scissor. Try to cut out a large piece of plastic so that you can get better results. Apply the lotion in the center of the plastic wrap. Make sure that you apply only that amount of lotion or moisture therapy body cream on the plastic which you want to apply to your back. You should place this plastic wrap over the tables and lay it down over it. Wrap the plastic on your body from both sides. Now start rolling and twisting on the wrap so that lotion moves to your back.

5. Using The Paint Roller

Some people are dedicated to the moisturizing routine, but they are not able to find the applicator device. They can purchase a small size paint roller. It is the best alternative to the applicator device. The small size paint roller can help you to complete the task quickly and efficiently. You just need to apply a layer of lotion over the paint roller. It is recommended that they should start applying it from the lower back and move the roller up and down. You should switch arms and move the rollers properly so that the body lotion is properly applied on the back.

6. Use Tube Socks For Applying Lotion

You can use your old and clean tube socks or belt for applying lotion to your back. You can use them as the lotion applicator. You just need to apply the lotion over the new lotion applicator device. You should hole the tube socks with both hands and hold them behind your back. You should move it up and down on your back so that the body lotion applied on the sock moves to your back. You can move the tube socks in a slanted direction so that the lotion is applied evenly to your back. You can move your hand and arms in any direction to properly apply the body lotion. With the help of tube socks, you will get a nice stretch and you can easily apply the lotion to your entire back.

Choose The Best Type Of Lotion

Now you may get to know how to apply the lotion to your back. After that, it is time to choose the best type of body lotion. You should select the optimal body lotion according to your skin type. It is recommended that you should purchase plant therapy body cream because there are no side effects of this body lotion. This organic body lotion will help in keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

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